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the superior of a group of nuns

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She appeals to the rather stereotypical mother superior, who permits Marguerite to go to the farm and bring back Marie.
There were a few speed bumps here and there on opening night -- Boucher saying "wine'' when she meant "grape juice,'' and then deftly correcting herself, for example -- but investing her Mother Superior with due dignity, she and the rest of the cast do a fine job of combining lively characterization with nubile physical comedy.
Nun Emerges as Power Broker in Syria Mother Superior Agnes-Mariam built up her connections through her "pushy" personality and constant lobbying, saying people found it hard to refuse a nun.
com with a headed letter from their Mother Superior are eligible for a $5 discount through end March.
Anne-Marie Duff stars in this hard-to-watch but powerful drama, where a group of female inmates at an asylum run by nuns are put through a living hell by its terrifying Mother Superior.
durance vile mother superior parts unknown fee simple heir apparent bend sinister court martial heir presumptive letter s patent sergeant major knight errant prince charming lady fair attorney general battle royal
And the cobbles of Coronation Street couldn't be further away from Denise Black's performance of Mother Superior.
Disguised as a nun she makes the wrong impression on the strict Mother Superior until she transforms the choir into the most glorious musical act in town.
The show, which played to over a million people during its West End run and is currently a huge hit on Broadway, stars Coronation Street's Denise Black as Mother Superior, and Brookside and The Royal favourite Michael Starke as Monsignor O'Hara.
Disguised as a nun she quickly finds fans amongst her fellow 'sisters' but makes the wrong impression on the convent's strict Mother Superior, played here by former Corrie star Denise Black.
By and by, we encountered a nun on one of the paths behind the building, carrying a basket of laundry, who was delighted to see Vasko and who ran off to fetch the Mother Superior who knew the poet well from his previous visits.
The mother superior said she tried not to copy ancient icons as many religious painters do.
Mother Superior Sister Yulita alarmed about the fire around 7 pm on Sunday.
Goldberg takes over from Over The Rainbow judge Sheila Hancock in the role of Mother Superior for three weeks.
The ex-England and Liverpool ace, 49, showed off his girly side when he gripped the designer sack as he sang along to US actress WHOOPIGOLDBERG who went down a storm when she began her role of Mother Superior this week.