mother's daughter

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a daughter who is favored by and similar to her mother

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Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter comes from a former child actress and current Fox Business News anchor who provides a personal autobiography in a cautionary story for parents who envision their own child's abilities appearing on stage.
But while she may loathe her mother, disdain her actions, she is her mother's daughter.
Why, then, did I feel so fed up with Her Mother's Daughter, which is brimming with mothers and daughters and with what, at first glance, looks like passion?
My encounter with Her Mother's Daughter remainded me of an endless visit with a friend who talks about herself for hours, with no sparkle to her language or love for her subject.
And the women in Her Mother's Daughter are difficult to distinguish.
One thing Her Mother's Daughter does achieve is a claustrophobic sense of the kind of sealed-off existence that cannot be touched by the outside world.
From letting go of the 'fantasy mother' figure to ditching barriers to closeness, I AM MY MOTHER'S DAUGHTER goes beyond the 'should' to tell how to build a more positive relationship.