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Synonyms for mothball

a small sphere of camphor or naphthalene used to keep moths away from stored clothing

put into long-term storage

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The Government need to work with private sector partners to secure the coke ovens and ensure the blast furnace is properly mothballed.
James Wharton, Conservative MP for nearby Stockton South and minister for the so-called Northern Powerhouse, tweeted: "Terrible news that SSI is to be mothballed.
National Grid had set out plans for mothballed or closed generators to bid for payments to be in reserve next winter (2015/16) to cope with the "energy crunch" when the gap between total power capacity and expected peak demand could shrink to just 2 per cent.
He noted : 'Whether it be mothballed, activated or scrapped totally, my thrust is this administration will decide on it'.
CASH WOES: Southport Cultural Centre could be mothballed or have "limited" opening
And SSI said it hopes to bring in 800 workers on top of the existing 700 employed at TCP, which was mothballed a year ago.
Hundreds of contractors were laid off and one of the blast furnaces was mothballed for nine months.
TCP's Redcar Blast Furnace, Lackenby steelmaking and the South Bank Coke Ovens will be mothballed at the end of January, 2010, the company said in a statement.
The Fenland facility would remain mothballed whilst we explore opportunities
In the last nine years, 98 have been sold off or mothballed across England and Wales.
What has driven the ship breaking industry from near extinction less than 10 years ago to its growing role has been the twin pressures to scrap many of the mothballed vessels that the Maritime Administration is mandated to dispose of and the growing hunger for scrap metals.
Effective May 1, Reliant Energy has mothballed its 822-megawatt Choctaw County, Mississippi electric generating station as a result of continued weak wholesale market conditions in the Southeast.
Saudi Aramco's mothballed capacity for Arab Medium and Heavy crudes has been limited to 850,000 b/d, compared to 3.
Added to about 600 million lb of capacity previously mothballed at two plants in Texas in 2001, the new cutbacks bring idled domestic PE capacity at Dow and its Union Carbide subsidiary to more than 1.
It doesn't take much imagination to guess that the simplest way to maintain B will be to pirate components from the mothballed units, thus making it impossible to get those units back on-line.