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"This moth was once widely recorded in the UK, but has undergone a substantial decline over recent decades, so it's heartening to see it having such a good year in Wales." The narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth has also been discovered this year at several new locations in the south west of England and in Scotland.
Students of history are very familiar with the peppered moth because it is one of the best known examples of evolution by natural selection, and is sometimes called Darwin's moth.
That prompted two years of fruitless searches in the area without a single moth being found.
It is also highlighting some of the more unusual moths found in the UK, including the death's-head hawk-moth which can squeak like a mouse, the Mother Shipton which has a witch's face on its wings and the caterpillar of the puss moth, which can shoot acid out of its chest.
Butterfly Conservation also warns that the UK's moths are in trouble, as two thirds of common and widespread species have declined in the last 40 years.
Though the new research featured two deaf moth species, Antherina suraka and Callosamia promethea, it's possible some species can both hear approaching bats and hide themselves using sound-absorbing fur.
He described the insect as an erebid moth sitting above the neck of a sleeping adult female black-chinned antbird.
Moths gather upon this treasure for a moonlight sipping party.
The most commonly seen clothes moth is 'tineola bisselliella': Adult females are about 1cm-long, silvery brown, and can lay about 40 eggs.
Ronaldo stretchered off after a brutal tackle by a moth
Instead of using naphthalene moth balls and cedar balls (which can be effective), why not try a Moth Box (PS7.90,
It tells the story of how the peppered moth, with its speckled wings, evolves.
Carpet moth larvae can stay at this stage for up to three months, waiting for favourable conditions so they can pupate and turn into adult moths.
Although the Poplar Hawk - or Laothoe populi - species of moth featured in these photos appears over-sized, there are even bigger moths out there.
Julie Jones fromTranmere, spotted a moth as big as her hand inBirkenhead- and said she was scared in case the creature flew at her while she was taking a photo.