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an unaccompanied choral composition with sacred lyrics

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Insofar as these latter two works are very early examples introducing instruments in the Mass in the Royal Chapel, they warrant careful study for those interested in the development of the concerted French motet as undertaken by On Mont, Robert, Lully, and then Lalande and the other composers of the next generation.
The motet, Zayaruznaya argues, is divided into four isorhythmic regions, creating internal divisions akin to the statue's.
My actual 70th birthday was on February 17 but work began My actual 70th birthday was on February 17 but work began on the birthday year last autumn with the preparation of on the birthday year last autumn with the preparation of Motets.
point to this being a motet, as are the other works in this section.
The petit motets were used at the Elevation, for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, and as antiphons for the major festivals of the liturgical year.
How this approach works in practice is the stuff of Chapter 1 in which a range of text-critical approaches is brought to bear on a genre of prime interest to Dillon, and an aspect of it that has long puzzled musicologists, namely: In what sense do polytextual motets make sense?
The tone was rather subdued for Dominique Phinot's sublime Lamentations of Jeremiah while this spirited performance came to an end with a jaunty interpretation of Palestrina's stirring eight-part motet Laudate pueri dominum.
Allegorical Play in the Old French Motet is an intensive study of verbal texts in the large repertory of thirteenth-century motets.
In 1553 the Antwerp publisher Tielman Susato, the pioneer of music printing in Flanders, dedicated to Granvelle the first of an extensive series of 15 volumes of motets, the Liber primus ecclesiasticarum cantionum, which includes compositions by, among others, Clemens non Papa (11 motets), Thomas Crequillon, a member of Charles V's chapel (3 motets) and Adrian Willaert (one motet).
In fact, if it were not for the unique surviving copy of the Liber secundus in the British Library--even if incomplete--we would not even have known of Frescobaldi's extensive engagement with the concertato motet.
Correction (published May 1, 2015): The Motet Singers' a cappella women's concert will be at 4 p.
Considering three different versions of this motet found in five Spanish and Portuguese sources, Kreitner claims the longest version as the probable original, provides a new edition of this piece, and suggests the shorter versions may have been deliberately truncated because of the piece's unusual length.
Janet Cardiff's sound sculpture The Forty Part Motet entranced visitors to Newcastle's ancient Castle Keep in June 2001.
Part of a series that gathers notable scholarship on aspects of medieval music into one source, this volume presents 18 previously published articles on the music called ars antiqua, with separate sections on polyphony at Notre Dame of Paris, organum, conductus, and the motet.