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the appropriate word or expression

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Mot Juste could again her bustle up her stable companion and give the Varian team a day to remember.
Mot Juste could again bustle up her stable companion and give the Varian team a day to remember.
[beaucoup moins que]Fatime-Zahra Morjani laisse des traces tenues, comme un interlocuteur concentre sur l'essentiel qu'il pointe d'un mot juste, eclairant, le temps d'une breve illumination de la conscience.
Little clicks, darkening speed; one day I'll have to explain prepositions, the extravagance of adverbs, le mot juste. This is the safest route to the closest Metro stop.
Fait de petites strophes qui ouvrent des champs feconds dans l'imaginaire, le dernier opus de Yamile Ghebalou accentue davantage la quete du mot juste et de l'expression sincere.
Restons-en a plateforme[beaucoup plus grand que] dit-il au desespoir de trouver le mot juste. La gene d'un chef de gouvernement tunisien, au retour de negociations avec le gouvernement et le chef de l'Etat americain, est en fait a expliquer par les informations, toujours dementies, faisant etat d'une base americaine dans le Sud tunisien et le lien que pourraient faire certaines mauvaises langues entre sa visite aux USA et une possible Qaida americaine en Tunisie.
The method of Green Hills, most evident in its animal descriptions, owes a lot to "the discipline of Flaubert" (27), the "one that we believed in" (71)--especially Flaubert's obsession with finding the mot juste (the right word) and achieving authorial impersonality.
Afoot is indeed the mot juste. Perhaps the evening walkers of Awali are all part of a slow motion commercial for Dignitas, the Swiss company that will assist you to end your days prematurely.
Find the Mot Juste In the sultry gloom of a summer's night fireflies flick their lights on and off like children discovering electricity.
Completely autonomous, independent from any transcendent "dictatorship," the aesthetic of the mot juste that Flaubert admirably described in a famous letter to George Sand is simply one (the most demanding, perhaps) of the possible ways out of this condition of the sorrow of form: The preoccupation with exterior beauty for which you reproach me is my own method.
"Loyalty" is the mot juste in Israel these days: After the controversial bill requiring non-Jewish immigrants (and then all immigrants) to declare loyalty to a Jewish and democratic state was approved by the cabinet earlier this month, a new bill was brought before the Knesset last week that would require that all tourist guides leading tours of Jerusalem be themselves Israeli citizens who have "institutional loyalty" to Israel.
The 75-year-old explained in the introduction: "I have said and written more than once that, to me, my parents, in a sense, had never died, but lived on, looking over my shoulder in a kind of virtual limbo, able to offer a thought or counsel in order to assist me in a vital decision, were it a crucial mot juste or some more mundane concern.
for designated diction level mood mot juste choices for compositional
Jekyll's quest for "Le Mot Juste" (the title of one of the essays) extends even to the recipes, which call for "a refined little clove of garlic" or cherries "beautifully embalmed in Marsala and sugar." She exhorts her readers to stir "gently but inexorably till smooth " and asserts that a good stuffing should be "tactfully inserted." Her tests of doneness read like the best nature writing: When ready, Cat's Tongue Biscuits "should be of a deep cream color, merging along their edges into the delicate brown of fading magnolias"; Orange Jumbles "will be the size of teacup rims, and should curl their crisp edges, faintly pink as the underneath of a young mushroom."
or an open-source attack on writer's block: [e mot juste