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designating the player judged to be the most important to the sport

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The second most-valuable gift listed was a $7,000 "large wooden map case with vintage maps inside" from National Geographic.
Speak the Language: A critical first step is to translate your company's English-language online content into other languages-specifically, languages that are spoken in your business' most-valuable secondary markets.
The new concept, which will be played in UAE in March 2017, will use the Professional Cricketers' Association's most-valuable player rankings to help select the teams.
23, 1963 by a royal decree as the College of Petroleum and Minerals, providing high-level education about petroleum and minerals, two of the most-valuable natural resources in the Kingdom.
League most-valuable player Mathieu Roy got his side on the scoresheet under controversial circumstances, knock-versial knock ing Stewart's dropped stick away from him.
The Imprev Thought Leader Survey showed that organic lead sources dominated the list of most-valuable lead sources: An agent's sphere of influence ranked first, followed by the broker's website, with 32 percent of the real estate leaders rating the quality or ROI as exceptionally valuable; in third place was local marketing, (flyers, walk-ins, signs, open houses) with 27 percent.
Deila, right, will be delighted to have the public backing of his squad's most-valuable asset and says the Dutch international is destined for the top.
Still, it's hard not to wince at some of the things said about what is now the third most-valuable company, with a market cap of nearly $400 billion.
It's usually the single most-valuable asset that a person owns, and even the most price-sensitive consumer knows that home insurance isn't a commodity.
Finally, recognizing that the Boots brand was among our most-valuable commodities, we used that brand to build trust."
The Chairman of Brand Africa and Brand Leadership Thebe Ikalafeng presented awards to the most-admired and most-valuable brands in Africa.
At present, the aforementioned comic is the sixth most-valuable comic book of all time and includes cover art by iconic illustrators Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, Huffington Post reported.
Goldie's other representative is Hawkeyethenoo in Saturday's Group 1 Diamond Jubilee Stakes - which, at PS500,000, is the joint most-valuable prize of the entire five day event.
And to keep every student's most-used and most-valuable college-life supply safe, the Double Shield will make sure a cell phone's screen is protected from any scratches or cracks.
Blood Cotil comes first in the opening three-year-old hurdle, with Twigline contesting the 2m4f maiden hurdle and Turban the joint most-valuable race on the card, this [euro]10,000 hurdle for runners who have not won a hurdle race worth more than today's contest.