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a fine net or screen (especially around beds) to protect against mosquitos

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A vendor at Bahawalpur bypass Vehari road Sarfraz Khan told that he used to purchase small size mosquito net with Rs 200 to 250 from the dealers and sell at Rs 300 to 350.
Les KuHLiemBo Festival -- Ibaan town celebrates its 187th Foundation Day on Monday with Les KuHLiemBo Festival featuring the town's products: Tamales, (native delicacy) Kulambo (mosquito net), Habi (manual weaving), Liempo (grilled pork belly) and Tubo (sugarcane).
Talking to mediapersons here, PRCS local chapter secretary Tariq Zaman claimed that over 397,000 mosquito nets had been distributed among families across the district during the two-week distribution campaign.
The edge of the draped mosquito net bisects a full moon; its mesh diffuses the moonlight and slices the moon into a yin and yang of darkness and light.
Working with the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in a collaboration lasting over a decade, BASF's scientists successfully repurposed chlorfenapyr to be effective on mosquito nets and meet stringent WHO performance thresholds for public health.
In 2014, approximately one third of people at risk of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa lived in households that lacked protection from mosquito nets or indoor residual spraying.
However, vulnerability to malaria may generally increase as the child grows older due to the tendency of not sleeping under mosquito nets. In a study that was conducted among school children in Southwest Cameroon, the highest prevalence of malaria has been found among children in the youngest age group (< 6 years) [27].
She addressed viewers of the BBC's charity night spectacular to encourage them to donate money to help fight the disease, paying for medical supplies and mosquito nets.
The Ministry of Health should support community initiatives in mosquito net making, in addition to strengthening IRS activities in inaccessible flood prone areas of the Delta.
Dismissing Kumar's claims, IG ( prisons) Shailendra Bhushan said, " Under the jail manual, upper- class prisoners are provided with wooden cot, mosquito net, TV, two men for preparing food, kurta, dhoti, pyjama, towel, woollen coat, socks and a blanket." They are also allowed to have food brought by visitors with the jail superintendent's permission, he added.
The company has launched its 24,000 mosquito net distribution programme in conjunction with its network of independent distributors.
Such is the fear of mosquito-borne diseases that a mosquito net is now a must for foreign tourists as per their national travel advisory for comfortable and hassle-free meditation.
PSI long has been committed to supporting malaria control--the organization has delivered more than 21,000,000 malaria treatments to people in endemic countries and will distribute its 100,000,000th mosquito net this year.
The charity aims to provide everyone in Africa with a mosquito net by 2010 and hopes to eliminate Malaria deaths by 2015.
Because using a mosquito net while sleeping can be a highly effective form of malaria prevention, these figures should be welcome news to those fighting the battle against malaria.