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Mosey was injured in the middle period of Team GB's last game of the tournament, the historic win over France, but the jubilation was soured with the thought of a few weeks of recovery for Mosey after the tournament.
Stewartry squad: J Fingland (captain), D Kerr, TJ McCarney, R Austin, S Milligan, C Mosey, J Picken, M McCulloch, K McGuire, I McMorran, A Kerr, A McMorran, D Steele, S McCulloch, J Forsyth, S Broll, D Boyd, B Spence, J Muir.
The Blaze suffered an early blow as a crunching hit by Cardiff's Evan Mosey left Justin Hache hurt and out for the remainder of the game.
Relatives including Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora, 23, was murdered in the bombing, and the Rev John Mosey, who lost his daughter Helga, 19, have been steadfast in their belief in Megrahi's innocence.
The Rev John Mosey, who lost his teenage daughter Helga, says: "I could hear little clicks and clunks when on the phone and Lockerbie documents disappeared from my computer.
Lewis Hook, Ciaran Long, Jez Lundin, Evan Mosey (injury) and Ross Venus have been released from the squad.
John Mosey, who lost his daughter Helga, 19, in the 1988 explosion which killed 270 people, welcomed the development.
The club continued to improve every year under the watchful eyes of coach Martin Mosey, who pushed them to the limit in an effort to improve times and get them up with the best in the country.
I hope that it can teach people to be more generous to our human kind" Jim Broadbent, who plays Scrooge in a West End production of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol "He was a genial and loquacious presence at meetings, seldom failing to tell us which of his worldclass contacts had been in touch" Roger Mosey, director of the BBC's 2012 Olympics coverage, on Alan Yentob
"The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle" by Reg Down is an impressive and unfailingly entertaining collection of 26 stories specifically written for young children ages 5 to 9 and students from kindergarten through the fourth grade.
If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Milton Moore, please call Cherri Mosey at (616)855-9967 or email Cherri at Cherri.Mosey@IPConsultingInc.Com
"We now know beyond doubt that Megrahi was not involved in any way and there's no evidence that Libya was ever involved." Swire from Gloucestershire, who campaigned for Megrahi's release, said: "The real perpetrators were not Libyans, and they brought the bomb on board not in Malta but in Heathrow." Martin Cadman from Norfolk, who lost his son Bill, and John Mosey from Lancaster, whose daughter Helga died, also believe Megrahi was innocent.
And I must thank my own long-suffering cousins for their habitual hospitality and generosity, especially Tony and Pauline Mosey, who gave our music director somewhere to sleep, Derek Mosey, who designed and constructed vital set pieces for Mushroom Pizza, and Chris Cuthbert who, with Chris Postlethwaite, handled front-of-house for the four nights of performances.
And Beeb head of vision Roger Mosey, who oversaw coverage of the Games, said bosses were now looking at options for a full-time specialist sports channel.
Olympics boss Roger Mosey says he needs more workers because of the number of channels the BBC had to fill with sport.