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real property held inalienably (as by an ecclesiastical corporation)

the oppressive influence of past events or decisions

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The five-sectioned poem "Mortmain" was written long before Portrait of a Father, appearing first in his 1960 collection You, Emperor and Others: Poems 1957-60.
A flawed genius with just one successful book to his name, Mortmain has suffered from writer's block since the family moved into a dilapidated Suffolk castle a decade ago.
``She lives to inspire, and Mortmain's increasingly prolonged case of writer's block is not exactly lifting, so she feels a failure.
The predicament of the impoverished and eccentric Mortmain family who are struggling to make ends meet while living in a crumbling English castle.
This is a hangover from the old Mortmain Acts that ensured charitable religious trusts made on death or within a year of death were void (not valid as they are today), thereby encouraging the judges so to find, and so to benefit the deceased's family.
Both were visibly pious and enthusiastic for the crusade and monastic reform, yet taxed the Church hard in subsidies and mortmain fees, taking a close grip on ecclesiastical patronage.
Taken collectively, the pilgrims represent virtually every religious and social persuasion possible: Nehemiah, a saintly old man knows the time of the Second Coming but not the time of day; Vine, the seclusive aesthete resembles Melville's old friend <IR> NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE </IR> ; Derwent, an Emersonian apostle of an optimistic Christianity; Mortmain and Ungar, bitter and cynical pessimists; Margoth, a geologist and materialist who is held in general contempt; a Dominican friar who defends Catholicism; and others in profusion--prodigals, revolutionaries, Arabian guides, monks--representing the full panorama of desert society.
Hunger is thematic in "Letter of a Mother" too: "A certain weight of cunning flesh devised/So hunger is bred in the bitter bone/To cleave about this precious skeleton/Held mortmain of her womb." That dead hand of the past reaches back to "Eidolon" to grasp the "hard hand uncurled" of the father; and prophetically so, as the "Mortmain" sequence in You, Emperors, and Others shows that by then the term will have been transferred, definitively, to the father.
One of the lyrics in MORTMAIN, the moving eulogy to his father, is "A Dead Language: Circa 1885." The dead language in this poem turns out to be Greek, which his father learned on his own from a grammar book and cited to his young son while shaving, quoting from the Greek for "In the beginning was the Word" so that "now you know how it sounds."(10) But it was not only the language of antiquity that Warren senior propagated in his son.
The raft of measures, exceeding 50, also provide for regulating the situation of mortmain property, such as the public Wafq endowment of Aziza Othmana, and the creation of a regional unit for recycling waste in Mislane (delegation of Souassi).
An integral aspect of the Gawhar Shad deed is the Sunni-Shi'i dimension: Gawhar Shad, the benefactress (waqifa), "junior" spouse to a staunchly Sunni sultan, conveyed to mortmain agricultural estates that were to generate revenue streams (in perpetuity) for the Gawhar Shad Mosque and the Shi'i shrine of Imam Riza.
It will not be possible for me to summarize that effort of years within few lines, but briefly we can say that the three elements which are forbidden in any Sales-Purchase agreement namely Riba (interest), Qimar/Maysir (gambling) and Gharrar (uncertainty) are avoided in Takaful (Tabbaru Agreement) by creating a model on the principles of Tabarru (charity) and Waqf (similar to mortmain).
As if the government permitted the possession of this land to Salah, it will be outside of the boundaries of the holy places, or it will be a mortmain property to the government to build on it a mosque or something similar." He stressed that this gift is only to express pride in the Egyptian star known as quot;Abu Mecca" and his ethics and high values, as he is the best representative for spreading the message of tolerant Islam in Britain, and he is also a role model and ambassador to Muslims in Britain, and all Mecca citizens cherish and appreciate every role model in the Islamic world.
The waqfs (mortmain property) were seized and impounded.