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real property held inalienably (as by an ecclesiastical corporation)

the oppressive influence of past events or decisions

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Keywords: Trust, Use, Charitable Trust, Common Law, Equity, Canon Law, Fideicommissum, Mortmain, Foundation, lus Commune.
desire for tax revenue, which undergirded English mortmain.
Although mortmain is now a thing of the past, (159) testators today might attempt a similar maneuver to give effect to other objectionable estate plans.
of the 1773 Mortmain Bill that sought to allow charitable trustees to
the law of mortmain and the rule against perpetuities.
29) In Excitable Speech and later, it also challenges the legal subject adjudicated through an a priori intentionality unmediated by convention and context, one who contracts and wills into the future (30) (It is the installation of such a subject that we can clearly see in the case of colonial liberalism, which, through a host of acrobatic legal citations managed even to declare that the deity of a Hindu temple was a legal subject, all in the service of instituting the principle of mortmain in British India.
The hand of the dead, the dead hand, a mortmain, the spectral fingers reaching from the grave: along with the giant hand Bianca sees in The Castle of Otranto (1765), images of dead or ghostly hands were familiar terms of night terror.
The cases and fatwa are divided by major areas of dispute, land, taxes, trusts in mortmain, marriage, divorce, offenses against property and against people.
Waleys was granted license to alienate in mortmain London property and remittance of a fine of six pounds imposed by London's sheriffs.
89) Later, Mortmain Statutes that allowed spouses and children to nullify death bed gifts to charities and which were originally motivated by the fear of "overreaching by priests taking the last confession and will," were either repealed or declared unconstitutional.
The alternative to realism, the experimental modernism represented by Cassandra and Rose's father Mortmain, seems untenable as a model for Cassandra to follow.
128) Testators are prevented by the rule against perpetuities from exercising excessive mortmain control.
He goes on: "The French Revolution would not have been as bloody if there had not been a large, uneducated and propertiless population; the necessary consequence of four-fifths of territorial wealth being mortmain.
The story is chock-full of odd and weighty names and terms, such as puissance, mortmain, magno force, Whitwashisberd and Passionara, which may be a bit off-putting for some readers.
In the Odyssey too, past events of gods and humans extend their influence as a kind of mortmain over the present.