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one whose business is the management of funerals

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Whereupon he dumps the head in a convenient hatbox, commandeers a car and makes his run for freedom leaving the horrified mortician free to call the cops, who 'make the collar'.
UNJUST CAUSE" For 42 years, March was content to ply his trade as a part-time mortician at a funeral home on the North Avenue corridor of East Bakimore, a business he inherited from his parents.
I just wanted to learn everything I could about being a mortician," she said.
He showed her everything he knew and she soaked it up, and before she knew it, Justice had fulfilled her internship and was considered a full-fledged mortician.
Caught in the crossfire between the local Chinese soldiers, ill-equipped and inexperienced in real warfare, and the Japanese, superior both in number and fire-power, is the Winchester Cathedral, a Roman Catholic edifice, impressively Gothic, which provides indifferent shelter to a huddle of females, a young Chinese caretaker-cleaner, and a dissipated American mortician, John Miller (Bale).
Directed by Zhang Zimou (House of Flying Daggers), it's the story of an American mortician pretending to be a priest in 1937 when the Japanese are invading Nanking.
Bale returns to China for the leading role in Chinese director Zhang Yimou's "Flowers of War," this time as an alcoholic American mortician.
All Rights Reserved LA - an overwhelmed erotic dancer (Biel), a grieving husband (Whitaker), a terminally ill ex-con (Liotta) and a pathologically shy mortician (Redmayne).
The heartbreaking tale of a tomboy and her mortician dad, both of whom find love where they expect it least.
The film, which also has Patrick Swayze, Forest Whitaker and Lisa Kudrow starring in it, is about a mortician, an ex-con, a suicidal ex-priest and a stripper brought together on Christmas Eve by a mixture of circumstances.
Another mortician admits that only the hands and face need work to provide an acceptable parting glimpse for the bereaved family, while a third mentions his extensive studies in cosmetology--in fact, as we learn, he even flirted with attending art school.
M&S ranges for them can only be called coffin wear - shapeless garments with little appeal except to a mortician who's run out of shrouds.
Attempting to get to the bottom of the mystery with the help of the town's elderly mortician (Michael Fairman), James soon finds himself dealing not only with Mary's ubiquitous dummy but the ghost of the old girl herself.
Before evacuating, Baker, a 35-year-old mortician, had spent four days on a rooftop above the flooded Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.