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the person who accepts a mortgage

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Today, mortgagees also commonly outsource servicing of their loans to remote servicers.
In a brief filed for the case to be heard by the Florida Supreme Court, attorneys for Restoration 1 argued the Fourth DCA was incorrect in allowing insurers to require the consent of all insureds and mortgagees to assign benefits under a homeowners insurance policy post-loss.
This is the doctrine of 'the mortgagee in good faith' based on the rule that all persons dealing with the property covered by a Torrens Certificate of Title, as buyers or mortgagees, are not required to go beyond what appears on the face of the title.
To meet its duty of good faith and reasonable diligence, a foreclosing mortgagee must consider the property's development potential when ascertaining its fair market value, the Appeals Court has decided.
Moreover, the SBP guidelines stated the chartered accountancy firm would move forward to assess the outstanding mortgaged money of the relevant financial institution only when the mortgagees were unable to submit their claims of mortgage money to the firm.
Landwood Property Auctions acts for a range of clients such as liquidators, mortgagees and private individuals on both sides of the country.
The post News podcast: what the co-op sell off means for depositors, mortgagees and taxpayers appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The GCAA does not maintain a separate registry for security interests over aircraft; however, the GCAA permits the registration of mortgages governed by foreign law under the Aircraft Register and the notation of the name of the mortgagee on the certificate of registration issued by it in respect of an aircraft.
In Caulkett, the debtors and their amici reiterated in briefs and oral argument that lien survival incentivizes second mortgagees to act as spoiler in short sale, loan modification, and other settlement matters between mortgagors and first mortgagees.
Mark Smeltzer: This is a very significant change for appraisers and mortgagees who work with the Federal Housing Administration.
When mortgagors and mortgagees neglect abandoned properties, local governments are stuck picking up the tab.
Mortgagees should not order new Case Numbers under this temporary authority until they have confirmed in FHA Connection that the previous Case Number has been cancelled.
The easiest way of securing your investment in the property would be by taking a second charge over the property, but this option will also be prevented by the restriction contained in your wife's mortgage which prevents the registration of any subsequent mortgages without the consent of the first mortgagee. While the first mortgagee will have priority over any interest secured by the second charge, mortgagees are increasingly reluctant to consent to any subsequent charges being registered against properties where they have a first charge.
A total of 377 claims were made by banks against mortgagees in Coventry in 2012/13, down 21 per cent from 477 in 2011/12.