mortar fire

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artillery fire delivered by a mortar

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Nine people, including a footballer in Syria's youth team, were killed in mortar fire on the Hamra and Karam Al-Shami neighbourhoods," the Observatory said.
Syrian rebel groups have set up a series of military rear bases on the outskirts of Damascus, from which they target the capital with rockets and mortar fire, according to AFP.
The Afghan Charge d'affaires was called to the Foreign Office in Islamabad and a strong protest was lodged over the unprovoked mortar fire by the Afghan border police.
Israeli military believe the mortar fire is spilling over from intense fighting near the frontier between Syrian president Bashar Assad's army and rebel forces trying to oust him, and not an overt attempt to hit the Jewish state.
Summary: The hotel in the Ivory Coast where presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara has been holed up has been hit by mortar fire.
And in recent days, Israel has carried out reprisals in Gaza in retaliation for rocket and mortar fire.
Israeli warplanes launched twin air strikes on the Gaza Strip overnight in response to rocket and mortar fire from the Hamas-controlled territory, an army spokesman said on Monday, AFP reported.
26 (BNA) Sri Lankans went to the polls on Tuesday in the island nation's first peacetime presidential election in 26 years, despite explosions and mortar fire in the capital of Northern Province hours before polls opened.
The militants said the mortar fire came in response to an Israeli air strike that killed a Gaza gunman and wounded several others earlier this week.
Army's PM Mortars for the Mortar Fire Control (MFC) Systems Integration contract, with a ceiling price of $197.
For the first time, the 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, combined its AH-64 Apache helicopter crews' firepower with the 7th Cavalry's newly deployed M-95 Mortar Fire Control System.
President Mahmoud Abbas's offices came under mortar fire and his Fatah forces seized two Hamas ministries.
A DAY long exchange of artillery and mortar fire between Sri Lanka's troops and Tamil Tiger rebels killed 64 combatants from both sides, the military said today.
SOLDIERS and Tamil Tiger rebels traded artillery and mortar fire in northern Sri Lanka yesterday, as schools closed over fears that civilians could be targeted by the insurgents.
Throughout these various training and combat missions, the "Never Broken" battalion maintained more than 4,300 pieces of equipment while logging more than 95,000 miles, delivering 8,000 rounds of artillery and mortar fire in training and combat while simultaneously maintaining an operational equipment readiness rate of 97 percent.