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In his recent article in Periodica de re Canonica, the Religion News Service reported, Burke writes that ministers are "held, under pain of mortal sin, to deny the sacraments to the unworthy.
Burke: "Faithful who approach a schismatic priest for the reception of the sacraments, except in the case of danger of death, commit a mortal sin.
Blasphemy is only a mortal sin, he stated, "when a person is aware of the significance of the words and knows for certain that they are sacrilegious.
Although priests no longer consider suicide a mortal sin, and lawmakers do not punish it as an offense against the state and hence a crime, psychiatrists now diagnose it as a symptom of a mental illness and hence incarcerate the unsuccessful or would-be suicide as a "dangerous" mental patient.
Sensing the words, Sequoyah Fuels president Joe Sheppard ruefully remarked, "You can commit a lot of sins with respect to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, but if they lose confidence in your management process, that's a kind of a mortal sin.
Hoarding, like the other five capital sins, is related and in fact finds its head (or caput, from which capital derives) in the mortal sin known as pride.
According to the Bible and our Christian ethics, it is a mortal sin to corrupt or turn to evil another living soul.
And since we were also taught a million venial sins can never add up to one mortal sin, we reasoned that any Catholic with a knack for perfect timing could avoid hearing God's word for an entire lifetime and it never would be a mortal sin.
To participate worthily we must be free of mortal sin.
If Fr Chesney had indeed committed the mortal sin of murder, how could the Church allow him to offer Holy Communion or take confession for his new parishioners and, if it is true that he frequently crossed back into Northern Ireland, how can we be sure that his murderous career did not continue?
Then I shall proceed to mortal sin and say a few words on the kinds of mortal sin and the offspring that it produces.
I have just committed the mortal sin of laughing in the Members' Library.
But tall tales on this scale are a mortal sin - and say more about the bishop's character than a million word-perfect masses ever could.
While eating meat on a Friday in Lent isn't considered a mortal sin - the gravest category - it does take a dispensation for the church to lift the rule.
Welsh non-conformity made even the stepping across the threshold of Y Dafarn or the Pub a mortal sin.