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cause to change shape in a computer animation

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change shape as via computer animation

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One previous report on eastern gray squirrels living in an urbanized environment found no difference between color morphs in their response to approach by human and canid predator threats (Gustafson and VanDruff, 1990), but the possibility of differential responses among color morphs to avian predator threats and urban noise stimuli, potential analogs of predator stimuli (Frid and Dill, 2002), have not been reported.
In these insect-pollinated systems, the reciprocal positioning of the anthers level with respect to the stigma increases the efficiency of legitimate pollen transfer among morphs (Glover & Barrett 1986; Dos Santos & Wittmann 2000).
This research shows that cuckoos have also evolved alternate female morphs to sneak through the hosts' defences.
in the foregoing paragraphs, the terms short- and long-winged morphs will be used to designate those with short and long wings, respectively.
Named after the little clay TV friend of the late Tony Hart, the Morphs, when off-duty, are a group of teenage boys allied to Northumberland Youth Service and Doxford Youth Project in Seaton Delaval, where Emma Rudd, of the youth service, works with them at Astley Community High School.
AN ARMY of people wearing Morph suits performed a conga around Drayton Manor in a bid to beat a world record.
Members of Mr Hart's family came to see the rows upon rows of little Morphs and judge a competition on the best effort.
Each one was formed in the shape of children's television favourite Morph.
MORPH TRIBE: The Morphs outside the Tate Modern, and below, their creator the artist Tony Hart
On the website, for example, there are morphs of a leading politician, whose volatile expression quickly changes into a chattering chimpanzee; an infant's face morphing into his grandfather's, and Elvis is actually transformed into a "hound dog.
Combined for all morphs in the adaptive landscape, the relative number of fines decreased and relative tine length increased throughout the time series, indicating a change toward more cervine antlers in southeastern Norway.
Jake falls into a makeshift Yeerk pool, then Rachel morphs into a lion.
To determine the selective mechanism acting to maintain frequencies of color morphs within a population, we focus here on events subsequent to a departure from normal morph frequencies.
Such polymorphisms are defined as the co-occurrence of two, or more, sexual morphs within the same population of a given hermaphroditic species (Darwin 1877).
A morph can have other morphs stuck onto its surface to create more complex graphical effects.