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differentiation and growth of the structure of an organism (or a part of an organism)

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Although 8.28 [micro]M of PIC produced the best response statistically, it was not morphogenetically ideal, as the calli were extremely aqueous in texture.
268476), we unexpectedly discovered that distinct natural, biodegradable and biofunctional polymers, including biosilica and inorganic polyphosphate (anionic), are not only bio-printable but also morphogenetically active.
P Smith, "Filamentous phage assembly: morphogenetically defective mutants that do not kill the host," Virology, vol.
This behavior morphogenetically determined that the shape and dimensions of the tooth are fairly stable and has been seen as a determining factor in providing sexual dimorphism in skeletal remains, which is required for forensic identification purposes (Rodriguez, 2004).
More recently inorganic chemistry's composed materials (concrete) are being replaced by organic chemistry's fusions (polycarbonates) and composites (carbon fiber and resin), and some believe that building materials of the future will be produced morphogenetically.