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differentiation and growth of the structure of an organism (or a part of an organism)

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It addresses the chemistry and cellular localization of polyamines; mechanisms of biosynthesis, their interconversion, and degradation in fungi, in comparison with animal and plant cells; polyamine distribution in the fungal kingdom as compared to other eukaryotic organisms; regulatory mechanisms of polyamine metabolism at the transcriptional, translational, and posttranslational levels in fungi and other organisms; general functions of polyamines, their possible modes of action, and their role in cell differentiation and morphogenesis in fungi and other organisms; and polyamine metabolism as a target for disease.
CONCLUSIONS: Neonatal exposure to estrogenic environmental chemicals permanently disrupts oviduct morphogenesis and adult gene expression patterns, and these changes likely contribute to the infertility phenotype.
Hence, the present study was conducted to elucidate the morphogenesis of kidneys in crossbred pig foetii.
Cephalopod hemocytes also participate in tissue morphogenesis, repairing damaged tissue by forming cellular clots, or secreting collagen to block epithelial barrier disruptions (Jullien, 1928; Cowden and Curtis, 1981; Polglase et al.
Mutations of this gene are known to cause LCA and arRP by halting the photoreceptors morphogenesis both at early (1st year) age and late onset of RP.
She has notably worked on the heavy metal detoxification mechanisms, salt stress tolerance mechanisms, and bacterial morphogenesis," the UNESCO statement noted.
Morphogenesis is an important tool for the evaluation and understanding of the development of forage plants, as it determines herbage accumulation in the pasture.
Hyaluronan, a GAG, is synthesized without a core protein and major component in the ECM of most mammalian tissues, and accumulates in cell division and remodeling that occurs during morphogenesis, inflammation and tumorigenesis.
These include, but are not limited to: developmental biology, tissue morphogenesis and engineering, gene and protein expression, disease pathology, drug discovery and other therapeutic developments, and regenerative medicine.
The addition to MS medium different concentrations of sucrose or ammonium nitrate did not influence on morphogenesis of Celosia plants.
However, results suggest that the role of spectral light quality in controlling in vitro morphogenesis is not yet fully understood and may differ according to species and/or cultivars.
Such complex regeneration is a result of multiple synergistic biologic pathways working together including the reprogramming of cells in damaged tissues, an appropriate histolytic response for extracellular matrix remodeling, and a balanced activation of the innate immune response to support ongoing morphogenesis.
However, despite analogies found in prostate morphogenesis in different species [4], the variability of its anatomy among mammals is remarkable.
8 In conclusion, the present study gives another evidence of involvement of CDMP1 in limb morphogenesis and broadens the phenotypes associated with CDMP1 mutation in Pakistani population.
Although malformations related to the basic differentiation processes are very rare in humans, most congenital anomalies are related to these processes in the early phases of morphogenesis.