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an alkaloid narcotic drug extracted from opium

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Bioautography can refer also to performance writing, even as this essay focuses on the codical framing of VULVA'S MORPHIA.
The morbid craving for morphia. London: Smith, Elder and Co.
(4) Eduard Levinstein MD, Die Morphiumsucht nach Eigenen Beobacthungen or Morbid Craving for Morphia: A Monograph Founded on Personal Observations (1876, trans1878, London: Smith, Elder, & Co), p.
In Jamaican experience, morphia or its derivatives are rarely used or necessary.
The tension builds as Graves casts about for a way to get past the giant animal and at last remembers "some morphia that I bought on leave" (1.26), which he hides in an "army biscuit smeared with ration jam" (1.28).
That a common coarse-featured woman might drink morphia and be sent to gaol for it, while I am saved and sent to visit her--and all because I am a lady?'" (256, emphasis in original).
(5.) Tetanus after hypodermic injection of morphia. Lancet.
Kane's The Hypodermic Injection of Morphia: Its History, Advantages, and Dangers, a work published in 1880, as discussed by Edward M.
and Diana went to bed, and we went to their room and all had an injection of morphia....
I was the biggest fan of Mighty Morphia' Power Rangers--David played the blue ranger.
Commanded by a brigadier with a passion for Greek mythology and an addiction to morphia, the brigade's only chance of salvation is to reach the Mediterranean coast and sail home.'
To counteract intestinal discharges probably caused by the calomel, surgeons administered tannin, sulphuric acid, or morphia. Ingestion of tannin produces gastrointestinal irritation, while that of sulphuric acid causes severe and permanent damage by burning the digestive and gastrointestinal tract.