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cause to change shape in a computer animation

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change shape as via computer animation

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My data show a temporal trend in morph ratio, but the sample sizes are too small and the scale too coarse to resolve multiple changes that may have occurred over time.
nitens) and differences were observed as a result of the particular behavior of each species and in terms of their preferences between, with the S morph preferred by bees and flower flies ([[chi square].
Members of Mr Hart's family came to see the rows upon rows of little Morphs and judge a competition on the best effort.
Morph is seen dressed in the style of designer labels such as Hermes, Gucci and Prada, with each outfit a tiny recreation of the original.
But meta'd doesn't roll off the tongue as easily as morph, and change is apparently too pedestrian, too old-fashioned.
These were Ann Reinking's Fosse (which was an homage to Dancin' and Fosse himself), Lynn Taylor Corbett's Swing, an all-dance revue to pop songs, and finally Susan Stroman's Contact, an experimental evening of three short narrative ballets conceived as a Broadway musical--or, for the morph has morphed, dansical.
The software also permits an entire morph to be saved as a single movie file.
The cervine antler morph has few, rough, and long tines, but no palm (Bubenik 1973).
uses special effects to morph the teens into a stunning range of live creatures - from tiger, lion, or hawk, to python, dog or rat.
Morph first appeared on TV in 1977 in one-minute shorts on Take Hart with the late great Tony Hart.
the largest manufacturer of Aids for Daily Living (ADL) products in the United States, today announced the launch of Morph Wheels, the first-ever foldable wheelchair wheels during the Abilities Expo in LA.
AN ARMY of people wearing Morph suits performed a conga around Drayton Manor in a bid to beat a world record.
THERE was Morph suit mayhem as more than a hundred people dared to don the tight-fitting gear at a Midland theme park in a bid to smash a World Record.
This brilliant pack comes with Morph modelling Plasticine and instructions on how to make your own character