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a metal helmet worn by common soldiers in the 16th century


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Residents dress up as a Morion for this celebration as a gesture of thanksgiving for answered prayers or for overcoming crises in life, such as sickness or accidents in the family, or as a panata (vow) to atone for sins.
Maralit said the first reenactment involved a person imitating a Roman soldier wearing a centurion helmet, called morion.
28 November 2014 - Russian telecommunications equipment maker Morion OAO (MCX:MORI) has purchased a 75% stake plus one share in Japanese company Kosho Inc, the buyer said in a regulatory filing.
Morion is engaged in the development, production and introduction of communication facilities and has been operating in the telecom industry since 1957.
Madrid, (SANA) -- Spanish researcher Cesar Morion on Friday delivered a lecture at the Syrian Arab Cultural Center in the Spanish capital, Madrid, entitled "Simeon Stylites: the Common Saint between the Syrian and Spanish Cultures".
Morion detection is the simplest version of such analysis.
The company says that the device supports numerous input devices such as E-stops, light curtains, enabling switches and interlock switches, which detect demands on the safety system and initiate a stop request of the morion.
The MV89 Double Oven Quartz Oscillator (DOCXO) from Morion ensures frequency stability up to 1 x [10.