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a heavy fabric of wool (or wool and cotton) used mostly in upholstery or for curtains

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On 15 April Morine moved second reading, receiving Morris's support and that of the whole Assembly.
Besides Impellizzeri, participants will include Sarah Ebert, Carrie Boulton, Meagan Orion, Melinda Teutschel, David Koteen, David Sommerville, Quint Ehley, Tyler Moline, Paul Laurey, Kit Kertvleit, Christian Cherry, Josh Morine and Marco Davis.
Dr Morine Krissdottir, from Yeovil, who is working on Powys' biography and who hopes to see it published next year, says that although living a hand-to-mouth existence, John Cowper Powys found himself for once at ease with himself.
Judy Morine, nursing team leader with SACC and co-ordinator of the domestic violence portion of the program, says SACCs were selected for this type of project because they already have a system in place for support counseling with emergency on-call nurses and a system to work with police.
Peggy is one of those rare people who was in conservation before it was popular," says David Morine, a former vice president with The Nature Conservancy.
These members of the House of Assembly were praised by the press: the Weekly Record printed an excerpt of Bond's speech opposing the bill; (114) the Twillingate Sun, after noting that Bond, Morine, and Murphy were the only members who opposed the bill, condemned the rest of the House of Assembly, crying that "whether they were in favour of the measure or not 'political expediency' was the outcome of the Placentia railway inauguration;' and the interests of the northern districts were ignored.
Wahconah's Megan Morine made a couple of great plays to try and tack on another first-half goal, first motoring through the Spartan defense and sending a perfect crossing pass to Dumas in front of the net with 21 minutes to play in the first half, then taking a pass from Dumas and driving into the box and collecting a penalty corner just over a minute later.
Mr Vallaj, who worked on his family's smallholding in the small village of Morine, fled during the war in the former Yugoslavia.
That last tenth of a percent of improvement will be the toughest," notes Morine.
Let me put it more strongly: On occasion, Dave Morine can make me guffaw out loud.
However, the Tory opposition, led by lawyer and Bonavista District MHA Alfred Morine, used the courts to have the government unseated and the establishment of a Tory ministry led by Augustus Goodridge.
Mr Vallaj, who worked on his family's smallholding in the small village of Morine, fled the country during the war in the former Yugoslavia.
Prequalification are invited for TO grant a 30-year concession/PPP to construct, upgrade, operate and maintain the Milot Morine Highway.
Morine, a clever journalist-turned-lawyer from Nova Scotia.
NNA - Spanish Defence Minister Pedro Morines inspected on Tuesday his Country's contingent operating within UNIFIL in south Lebanon, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its presence in Lebanon.