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Synonyms for hebetude

a deficiency in mental and physical alertness and activity

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mental lethargy or dullness

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The company said the Moria Token is a crypto-currency issued by the GS Mining Company LLC.
European and Greek officials acknowledge that conditions at the main camp in Lesbos, a former military facility known as Moria, are poor.
Just 15 minutes up the road, at the refugee and migrant camp called Moria, it is not Christmas but winter that is approaching.
Steve Moria of Cardiff Devils v Telford on March 5 1989
The approved development schemes included-widening of Aik Moria Pull, Lahore (Revised) at the cost of Rs.
'Between 3,000 and 4,000 migrants fled the camp of Moria,' to the surrounding fields, with strong winds fanning the flames also hampering firefighters, a police source said.
He inspected the condition of bunds including Aqil-Agani Bund, Hakra Bund, Moria Bund and Abad Mangli Bund.
Shahira knows it is comparatively better than the nearby closed Moria detention center where new arrivals are now detained -- or shipped back to Turkey.
The Moria camp, which serves as a detention center on the Greek island of Lesbos, has been at the center of the issue.
Sakeeb, 32, said: "The clip was taken just outside Moria camp for refugees on Lesbos.
Armstrong's final installment in the Age of Legends trilogy picks up where it left off, with separated twins Moria, the brave and rash Keeper of the spirits, and Ashyn, the quiet and docile Seeker of the spirits, working to defeat Alvar Kitsune, the evil sorcerer who wants to overthrow the empire.