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a building (or room) where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation

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Morgue manager Jeff Roth says it's too early to say how many photos were lost.
Though the police have CCTV footage from the morgue, it does not shed any light on how the infant was taken from the refrigerator as it only records who enters and leaves the room but not what goes on inside.
On April 12, The Indian Express reported that "a body lying in a morgue in Sharjah since September 3, 2005, has been prima facie recognised" as belonging to one Smitha George, who allegedly disappeared a decade ago after landing in the UAE.
Back at the morgue, he takes another look at Tommy and discovers blood on the back of his head.
After a bloody night at the Air Defence Stadium, where at least 22 football fans were killed, victims' families and Zamalek fans were waiting at the morgue to receive the corpses.
The men, who worked at Salmaniya Medical Complex morgue, were arrested after the Interior Ministry's Anti-Corruption Directorate received a tip-off that they were taking money to speed up repatriation procedures.
A source at the morgue in Mosul told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA/ Terrorists executed the two women "in their forties " in the Ghazlani camp south of Mosul, without knowing the reasons behind this sentence and handed over their bodies to the morgue in Mosul who seeks to know the identities and hand their bodies to their parents.
WARSAW, Poland -- A Polish doctor says she has been in ''deep shock'' since learning that a 91-year-old woman she pronounced dead woke up in a morgue several hours later.
A man who worked as a morgue attendant in Ohio is bound to face legal charges after admitting he had sex with at least 100 dead women.
IF anything deserves a 'Made in Liverpool' tag this summer, it's e Morgue Table - being performed at the Epstein eatre this month.
The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow was informed by the Moscow Morgue that the body of Kyrgyz citizen Meerim Arunova, 27, who died in the Moscow metro accident, was delivered to the Morgue.
Lawyers want the head of the judiciary to stop a repeat hanging after a man was found alive in a morgue.
Meanwhile an official has said that Nairobi's city morgue is preparing for the arrival of a large number of bodies of people killed in the terrorist attack.
According to police, acting on a tip off, they reached the site took the body into custody and later shifted to the Civil hospital's morgue for identification.
Libyan authorities paid tribute to Mansour al-Kikhia, a key opponent of the toppled Gaddafi regime, whose body was found inside a morgue in the capital Tripoli, 19 years after his disappearance.