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a South African unit of measure equal to about 2 acres

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Anouar Haddouchi was captured by Syrian Kurds after the fall of the last Daesh holdout in the eastern Syrian village of Baghouz in spring, the Belgian daily De Morgen has learned.
The Criminal Investigations Department said in a statement police were looking for former finance minister and opposition figure Tendai Biti, MDC chairman Morgen Komichi and MDC youth leader Happymore Chidziva linked to last week's violence.
Through the British Exploring Society, Morgen Biggin and Tyler Hope will be exploring the Peruvian Amazon jungle and the Yukon province of Canada.
New Hampshire Magazine's Managing Editor Erica Thoits and Sales Consultant Josh Auger enjoy a drink with McLean Communications' Digital Media Specialist Morgen Connor.
BRETT MORGEN'S thoroughly absorbing documentary about the life and career of world-renowned primatologist Dr.
Im Quartier von morgen untersucht das Reallaborteam, wie autonom Tubinger Stadtquartiere in ihrer regenerativen Stromerzeugung, -speicherung und -nutzung sein konnen und sollen sowie was eine eigenstandige lokale Energieproduktion fur Bewohner(innen), Nutzer(innen) und Versorger bedeutet.
He also spent several months looking for work in the Vilvoorde district north of Brussels, in Belgium, the region's mayor Hans Bonte told Belgian newspaper De Morgen.
The MBS team representing Consolidated Water will be co-led by Lynn Morgen, partner and co-founder of MBS, and industrials and sustainability industry expert, Eric Prouty, senior consultant.
US bank Morgen Stanley is one of those leading banks relocating to EU cities with Frankfurt vying it out with Amsterdam, Dublin and Luxembourg to secure the extra business.
THE Great British Benefits Handout's Adam on a call to Germany: "Gut morgen. Ich sprocken Angleterre?" German man on phone: "I don't know what you mean."
"We will not adapt our agenda to terrorism," Jambon said, according to De Morgen. "The Brussels police is responsible for security on the day, they are supported by federal police forces." Michel said Belgium would stand by France in this "horror," only "several months after the tragedy we have witnessed" in Belgium, he said referring to the terror attacks in Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station.
To earn some extra money, Wiesel wrote Yiddish articles in Der Morgen Journal, submitted a 26-chapter serialized novel to Der Amerikaner, and contributed a regular Yiddish column to The Forverts.
Hans Vandeweghe wrote a column in Belgian paper De Morgen last week which repeated that fan behaviour contributed to the crush, in which 96 Liverpool fans died.
The two Belgian Dutch-language newspapers, De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws, cited documents they said showed staff was seriously concerned about Hadfi's extremist views, which were evident in the classroom.