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(of marriages) of a marriage between one of royal or noble birth and one of lower rank


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Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, and the Princess of Hohenberg, his morganatic wife, were shot dead yesterday by a student in the main street of the Bosnian capital a short time after they had escaped death from a bomb hurled at the royal auto.
In medieval Germany, a woman of lower social status who married a prince and did not attain to the normal privileges of a wife was called morganatic.
He had added Alexander's edict on Konstantin Pavlovich's morganatic marriage, as well as laws on establishing a regency, which were also placed in the cathedral.
They ought to get married and be together, but it should be a morganatic marriage which means she doesn't become Queen.
Could this mean a morganatic marriage was on the cards?
The reference to Ella Kaye as "Madame de Maintenon," the secret wife of King Louis XIV of France (married in a morganatic marriage--a marriage, in the context of European royalty, which prevents the passage of any titles and privileges to the wife or any children from the marriage) illuminates Kaye's blackmailing of Cody and the basis on which she later contests his will.
The Emperor was the aged Franz Joseph, who had succeeded in 1848, and his heir was his nephew Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose morganatic marriage barred his own sons from succeeding.
In fact, Simo's Julia hears that sentiment expressed quite clearly by the surgeon who is about to sterilize her as a precondition to her morganatic marriage: "Voste canvia una vida feixuga per una vida falaguera.
Her own enthrallment with the story of Madame de Maintenon, morganatic second wife to Louis XIV of France, suggests some intriguing parallels: "born in the workhouse, mysterious childhood visit to America, married as a girl to brilliant paralyzed poet, widowed, gets to be governess to the king's bastards and next thing you know she's reformed the king and married him" 197).
For some years Mme de Maintenon, Louis XIV's morganatic wife, had commissioned Biblical plays for the little girls under her tutelage at the Convent of St.
The government actually began to draft a bill which would legalise a morganatic marriage.
QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: What is special about a morganatic marriage?
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This article examines the constitutional implications, for Canada and the other members of the Commonwealth, of a morganatic marriage in the British royal family.