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(of marriages) of a marriage between one of royal or noble birth and one of lower rank


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"On tour of inspection heir to Austrian throne and his morganatic wife escape bomb only to die few hours later by bullet.
Violin, sea horse and mermaid Cradle of the hearts, heart and cradle Tears of Mary Magdalene A queen's sigh Echo, Violin, pride of the swift-handed A departure astride waters Love overlapping mystery A praying thief Bird, Violin morganatic wife Puss in Boots dashing through the forest Well of the whimsical truths Public confession Corset, Violin palliative of the lost soul17 Preference, strength of the evening Shoulder of sudden seasons Oak leaf, Mirror Violin knight of silence Happiness' runaway toy Breast of a thousand presences Pleasure boat Huntsman.
The decree introduced the principle of "unequal" or morganatic marriages into Russian law--developed by German royal houses wishing to impart a degree of flexibility to marriage rules by allowing princes wishing to embark on second marriages to wed spouses not of royal lineage by forfeiting royal titles and rights for their progeny.
They ought to get married and be together, but it should be a morganatic marriage which means she doesn't become Queen.
Could this mean a morganatic marriage was on the cards?
The reference to Ella Kaye as "Madame de Maintenon," the secret wife of King Louis XIV of France (married in a morganatic marriage--a marriage, in the context of European royalty, which prevents the passage of any titles and privileges to the wife or any children from the marriage) illuminates Kaye's blackmailing of Cody and the basis on which she later contests his will.
The Emperor was the aged Franz Joseph, who had succeeded in 1848, and his heir was his nephew Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose morganatic marriage barred his own sons from succeeding.
In fact, Simo's Julia hears that sentiment expressed quite clearly by the surgeon who is about to sterilize her as a precondition to her morganatic marriage: "Voste canvia una vida feixuga per una vida falaguera.
Their "morganatic marriage," as they called it, developed in 1929, after Beauvoir had rejected Sartre's marriage proposal a second time.
Adolph confirms that this long, affectionate union did in fact exist between the Queen and Jermyn (morganatic marriages were not uncommon at this time, especially on the Continent), but he deduces that theirs was very probably a "chaste, Platonic" bond.
The government actually began to draft a bill which would legalise a morganatic marriage.
QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: What is special about a morganatic marriage?