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Synonyms for mores

Synonyms for mores

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(sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group

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When the dominant group can successfully persuade the subjugated that they deserve their inferior status--and that it is supported by holy works, academic scholarship, and legal decisions--they tend to become more docile and malleable.
Less government, more technology and mobility, the eradication of national boundaries, commerce at the speed of light--these are the Nirvana of the conventional economic mind, the bliss of Pure Efficiency.
Most of the playwrights were middle-class professionals (especially school teachers) and had few children, "although they were generous in giving their time and financial resources to help raise the children of other members of their families" (McKay, "Saying" 135); many never married, married later in life, or had more than one marriage.
Paddy Power went 20-1 (from 50-1), along with Cashmans, while Boylesports, VCbet and William Hill were more impressed, introducing the colt at 16-1.
These self-aware youth cultures affect patterns of consumption and thus the economy, spur redefinition of leisure, question established mores, and sometimes become associated with political positions (in opposition to war or communist rule or in support of fundamentalism or revolution).
I've had great support from the Clay mores and the fans and I'm determined to repay them by making the squad and playing well.
Americans, after all, long prized their right to travel more or less anonymously; it even used to be a point of pride in comparison to the more stringent protocols in Europe.
Much was made of the initiates throughout the scenario: Clad mainly in loincloths and onstage for most of the performance, their exuberant beauty and muscular bodies made me wish their audience included more teenage American girls.
The new mores made me fear that young people would soon be exposed to a whole host of new possibilities and choices.
But Mencken was "full of lust to function" and recalls that "before I was 25 it was already plain that my functioning would take the form of a sharp and more or less truculent dissent from the mores of my country.
These risks and other risk factors relating to 2-Track Global Inc are described more fully in the most recent Form 8-K filed by 2-Track Global Inc and other filings from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
In this context, it was a disappointment that he could finish only third to Mores Wells, an unheralded inmate of Kevin Prendergast's yard.
Lethem writes about growing up in the '70s as a young boy obsessed with music, movies and the cultural mores of his times.
In a nutshell: Impressionistic sexual and religious awakening story in a provincial Argentine town illuminates half a dozen well-etched, mostly unfulfilled characters and the cultural mores that frustrate them.
But alas, these gestures are mostly manifestations of cultural mores, not romantic amore .