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Synonyms for mores

Synonyms for mores

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(sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group

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For more information on Northwestern Medicine's neurosurgery program, visit http://neurosurgery.
A[cedilla] The value-added of applying MoRES across sectors, in particular to sharpen programmes and to help ensure results for the most disadvantaged children.
Those who are disturbed by the thought of Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene may show little more than that they are carriers of a Gentile heritage of presuming that it is impure for holy men and women to marry.
In an ideal Hayekian world, there could be voluntaristic political entities that experimented with gay marriage and more controversial social changes.
On the other hand it can also be argued that, because the welfare changes brought about in selective breeding may be more gradual they can also be more insidious and difficult to spot at an early stage.
Today's fashions are another indicator of changing mores.
Before we examine the history of fides et mores, we should note that Vatican I used the terms twice in other contexts.
Cheap transportation boosts trade and allows people to travel more often and farther from their homes than their grandparents would have imagined.
The question naturally arises: why does Carter presume to bring forth this volume when the biographies are so much more readable and readily available?
Nonetheless, rolling out the Mores collection for downstairs dinnerware departments may well be superseded by Block's announcement that it will be rolling back the prices on selected items in its highly regarded crystal line, Atlantis.
But it also degrades what it touches and is corrosive of traditional values and mores.
One misses a more explicit discussion of contemporary national stereotypes as the background to German humanists' allergic reaction to Italian mores, and to Italian disdain of "barbarian" Latinists.
This is almost certainly the result of epochal changes in sexual and family mores, and not the result of the American AFDC program.
To guide you on how to avoid it, books and seminars that educate professionals on the rites and mores of other cultures abound.
Indeed, Gove's new lexicon had barely snatched it up and wedged it into the Addenda, informing sedulous scholars that the hippie was "a young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living), adheres to a nonviolent ethic, and often uses marijuana or psychedelic drugs; broadly, a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person.