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(comparative of 'much' used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree

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Yet Erasmus's approach in De Taedio contradicts his philosophia Christi, "located as it is more truly in the disposition of the mind than in syllogisms," and wherein "life means more than debate, inspiration is preferable to erudition, transformation is a more important matter than intellectual comprehension.
For he has seized on the still unintelligible relationship between "nature and lawe" (More 1963, 12) such that his listeners may dissect his arguments only at the risk of openly avowing what they already know: that God-given nature and human-made law do not overlap the way Edward implied in his final speech, that law has instead gotten ahead of itself, (re)making nature as much as, even more than, nature (re)makes law.
Sierra, more than any of the participating artists, seemed to understand the implications of a national pavilion as a quasi-sovereign space.
22) And to see that More represents himself as being, in effect, a holy Proteus resolves in part what is otherwise a relevant and unsolvable problem raised by Erving Goffman in his reflections on role-play: "It is a basic assumption of role analysis that each individual will be involved in more than one system or pattern and, therefore, perform more than one role.
7) Accepting Wilson's categorization of Proust as a symbolist because the novel's "dense mesh of complicated relations" (8) creates an artistic universe in its own right which is supposed to possess formal beauty, More echoes Wilson in his own dismissal of Proust: "These airy imaginings of metaphor and simile are really no more than vapours floating up from the abyss of the subconscious where nature lies embedded in the double slime of hysterical sadism and hysterical masochism.
Like the new pacific madrone champ, which is little more than half the size of the Council Madrone, many of the champions in the 2002 National Register of Big Trees have yet to reach their full potential.
Yet th ere was more than one crisis between Rome's fall and England's rise.
But perhaps the most threatened Americans will be those black American leaders who profit from a culture of failure, who have done more than all but the most ruinous whites to convince their constituencies that they cannot achieve the American dream.
The single, compact device utilizes the unique capabilities of simultaneously injecting a powerful stream of carbon particles, a supersonic oxygen jet and a high velocity oxyfuel burner, which can provide a productivity improvement of more than 10 percent along with significant electrical energy savings.
Concession, in other words, constitutes more than technique; it aims toward a higher end of moral reflection.
The event at the Knights of St Columba Social Club has added more than pounds 250 to the St Thomas More's RC Church building repair fund.
Regardless of what they may spend their money on, more than half a century ago many were called upon to tighten their belts, brace themselves, provide the manpower to defend our country, cope with evacuation of children and endless problems on the Home Front.
Wilhelmina Models, founded by supermodel Wilhelmina in 1967, represents more than 1,000 models in their New York, Miami and Los Angeles offices.
But Gaudium et Spes called for a reevaluation of the just war theory, offered Catholicism's first recognition of pacifism as a legitimate Christian response in more than 1,600 years, and gave a nod to the notion of Catholic C.
Considerations of space and balance no doubt played a part in the decision (in The Culture of Violence the full essay runs to more than sixty pages), but the effect of the omissions is to underscore a tacit refusal to engage the controversies of "the new historicism.
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