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Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

Synonyms for mordant

harshly ironic or sinister


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of a substance, especially a strong acid

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A sign of how important the mordant was to the church's finances is a provision of Pope Leo X's sweeping indulgence of 1517--the one that set off Martin Luther.
Caption: 1 Mordant wool fiber or yarn if using natural dyes.
Metal mordants. A good metal mordant is aluminum sulfate, commonly called "alum," which is fairly inexpensive and can be found in the spice section of most grocery stores.
A sample of 25 grams of tanned leather was dyed with extracted dye concentration of 60 g/l and natural mordant concentration of 10,20,30, and 40 g/l, and 3% OWM of copper sulphate was used for all trials.
We have investigated the quantitative mordant distribution in several recently prepared sheep wool fibres dyed with madder root extracts and either potassium alum or iron(II) sulfate mordant by means of [mu]-XRF and compared them to control specimens.
Dye formulation of pre- treatment and post-treatment included 20 g/L of a specific mordant or 30 g/L of UV absorbers, Dicrylan and Fixative finishes or 50 g/L of crosslinkers.
IN REPLY to M Mordant's letter (Lest We Forget) ECHO, May 28, I was one of the Liverpudlians who voted for UKIP and my head is held very high.
Among the topics are the structure of wool, the role of auxiliaries in dyeing wool and other keratin fibers, wool-dyeing machinery, dyeing wool with acid and mordant dyes, dying wool blends, and the coloration of human hair.
They are astringent and serve both as mordant and dye, like the gall nuts used in Europe.
The Allegro Scherzando was outstanding with both players obviously relishing the music's mordant wit and foregrounding its sinister qualities.
Dans la course a la Ligue des Champions, Chelsea a fait la mauvaise affaire en concedant le nul 2 a 2 a Liverpool, oE Luis Suarez a provoque une nouvelle controverse en mordant un adversaire.
They created unforgettable characters, music and stories in which wit and criticism are never mordant.
La composition du mordant s'enumera dans le tableau ci-dessous et pour l'elaborer s'introduisent les composants dans une marmite de ceramique, non de metal puisque le mordant l'altere, le denature-, et se faisait bouillir au feu.
In my report of 1991,1 repeatedly referred to this mixture as the "mordant" mixture and to the ngar process as the application of the "mordant." Indeed, this is how the ngar has been referred to in the literature in the past and how it continues to be referred to today.
"Forty-one years later, I'm still a Newman junkie," says Fusco, "catching him live at Berkley Performance Center a few years ago, assuring the next generation that the man behind the music of `Toy Story' has a somewhat darker, mordant side."