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Synonyms for morbidity

the relative incidence of a particular disease

an abnormally gloomy or unhealthy state of mind

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Overall prevalence of gynecological morbidities was 21% which was significantly associated with age (p-value = 0.
While numerous studies have investigated the risk of perinatal outcomes with advancing maternal age, the primary objective of a recent study by Lisonkova and colleagues was to examine the association between advancing maternal age and severe maternal morbidities and mortality.
To assess the different factors contributing to ocular morbidities.
Pregnant and delivered women with obstetrical emergencies and associated other morbidities were excluded.
19 In the current study, cases with gestational age 20%, morbidities and adverse outcomes were noted during the neonatal period.
A total of 29 thoracic-trauma-related morbidities were discussed during the 5-year period.
Therefore knowledge about pattern and frequency of morbidities is useful in developing intervention programs.
Some hospitais have proposed late-preterm initiatives that include education of all medical team members in the well-baby nursery and parents on the morbidities of late-preterm infants, as well as having special markings or tags on the late-preterm infant's cribs as a reminder of the need for these extended assessments (Corso & DeButy, 2011; Stoltz, Straughn, & Kupsick 2011).
While there was a small effect of maternal anaemia on young children's language ability, there were often substantial consequences for women due to different morbidities (Hamadani et al).
Inequalities in maternal health: national cohort study of ethnic variation in severe maternal morbidities, BMJ, 2009, 338:b542, doi:10.
We greatly reduced morbidities in the UK within a generation by ensuring universal access to family planning and safe abortion, skilled birth attendance, and basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric care.
2]=0%), or cause-specific mortality, common morbidities (diarrhoea and others), and admission to hospital.
The study ignores morbidities outside of the hospital system and this could be considered a limitation of the study.
Considering duration of hospitalisation and the use of special procedures, we observed that the group of near-miss women required more complex care over a longer period of time compared to women in the group of other severe morbidities (p<0.
The 155 older patients--aged 60-76 years--had a 6% mortality after 5 years of follow-up, and 14% had had serious morbidities that delayed hospital discharge such as wound infections and bowel obstructions.