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a member of the predominantly Muslim people in the southern Philippines

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Ternary length contrasts can also be analysed by means of shared moras, provided that the structure shown in Figure 2 is interpreted such that a segment in a shared mora is shorter than a corresponding segment that is fully moraic.
One possibility for representing a ternary length opposition through shared moras is shown in Figure 3.
Moras has three years' worth of Champions League pedigree and faced argentina superstar Messi at the 2010 world Cup.
Moras said: "I have a lot of experience which will help me to be ready for this league.
Moras may not have been a familiar name to Swansea supporters when he signed on a three-month deal earlier this month, but the 30-year-old has a pedigree to rival any other player in Brendan Rodgers' squad.
With captain Garry Monk still troubled by a nagging foot injury Moras could get his chance at Wolves today.
I hope to be involved with the Greece national team in the future, and it will be easier now I have found a team," said Moras, who could feature at Norwich on Saturday.
Moras scored in the 3-0 friendly win at Llanelli in midweek, as did fit-again striker Craig Beattie.
A teoria das moras, portanto, nao e uma teoria segmental, nao ha processos fonologicos que contam segmentos, mas que contam moras ou silabas.
Camilo Mora, owner of Torero's, plans to open a third restaurant later this year in Eugene.
It was while training with Mors that I was introduced to the Mora Knife.
Las Moras winery was established in 2001 as an independent winery under the umbrella of PeSaflor (est.
It is conceivable, however, that shared onset moras could be pertinent in descriptions of languages where word-initial germinates occur.
Esse sendo o caso, as moras iniciais das duas silabas pesadas recebem uma marca de grade adicional.