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something or someone who influences by building or strengthening morale

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Moreover, he included junior NCOs and soldiers in these events, which was a huge morale builder and one of his ways of growing leaders.
It's a morale builder for everybody,'' Nagumo said.
It rallied our members and communities to partake in a great cause and it was an awareness and morale builder on so many fronts.
It's a real morale builder and it shows that the United States supports us, no matter what they see or hear on the news.
Since the primary purpose of the holiday party is almost unanimously (98%) viewed as a morale builder and show of appreciation to staff, it isn't surprising that the vast majority (95%) of holiday parties will be paid for by employers.
Interestingly, 96 percent of businesses view holiday celebrations as a valuable morale builder that demonstrates appreciation for staff.
Andrews said the best morale builders are constant feedback and recognition for the people who are working extra hard for members.
That dog is one of the best morale builders that I've had over here.
While incorporating morale builders into your summer schedule can be challenging, it is possible.