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motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions

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For the time being--I can only repeat it, my moral sense was obscured, my mental faculties were thrown completely off their balance.
My moral sense and my sense of fear were stricken by a common paralysis.
Islam aims at enhancing and amplifying that pure (innate) moral sense in every human being and adorn the individual's character with the noblest of virtues.
True, in a manner of speaking he locates morality 'in the mind', but he also argues that our moral sense is not self-constructed, but a fact of Nature.
Age of Ultron is a film where the villain is a mirror-image of the main hero, and indeed the most violent fight is between two of the heroes -- a Hulk/Iron Man beatdown where entire buildings collapse -- though I'm not sure if that's evidence of a complicated moral sense or no moral sense at all.
Debi said: "We know they have to make savings and everybody is struggling for money but there are things that perhaps don't make financial sense but do make moral sense, and that is the safety of children.
Seeing it decay just doesn't make any financial, social or moral sense.
It possesses no single tragic quality, it neither satisfies the moral sense, nor calls forth pity or fear.
Asking people to forget about the past and to 'move on' is neither acceptable in a moral sense nor workable in political terms.
Key topics addressed include the ways in which Chomsky distinguishes between his own "rationalist" scientific approach to the sciences of language and mind versus the "empiricist" approach (which neither McGilvray nor Chomsky believe deserves the appellation), the growth of biolinguistics and Chomsky's role in its development, the importance of biolinguistics for understanding Chomsky's attempts to construct a science of human nature, how these issues are incorporated into Chomsky's "Enlightenment project" of coming to understand humans as natural objects with language and an innate moral sense, and the ways in which this project is connected to his political interventions.
As the minister of the Second Church, Emerson incorporated more Neoplatonism into his sermons than his colleagues did, presenting God as the Unity of all things, and the moral sense as an emanation of this All.
The results suggest that the answer is no; utilitarians appear to endorse harming one to save many due to their reduced empathic concern and not due to a generally deficient moral sense.
No wonder Scotland wants to be independent; Wales must follow, to restore some common and moral sense to our economy.
No wonder Scotland want to be independent; Wales must follow, to restore some common and moral sense to our economy.
He was quite intelligent about economics or architecture; but his moral sense seemed to have entirely disappeared.