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motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions

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She loved him precisely as he was; she loved them all; and as she walked by his side, up and down, and down and up, her strong moral sense administered a sound drubbing to the vain and romantic element aroused in her by the mere thought of Ralph.
The fact that I was armed only with a long-sword, and so according to the laws and ethics of battle everywhere upon Barsoom should only have been met with a similar or lesser weapon, seemed to have no effect upon the moral sense of my enemy, for he whipped out his revolver ere I scarce had touched the floor by his side, but an uppercut from my long-sword sent it flying from his grasp before he could discharge it.
There were opiates for remorse, drugs that could lull the moral sense to sleep.
It is the growth of the moral sense in women that makes marriage such a hopeless, one- sided institution.
For the time being--I can only repeat it, my moral sense was obscured, my mental faculties were thrown completely off their balance.
My moral sense and my sense of fear were stricken by a common paralysis.
Sheh adds the leader will always uphold the highest moral sense.
So it is completely unjust, in every moral sense, to accuse them of political meddling when they are there to represent the will of the public at large.
Lacking any moral sense in their own mind, they also fail to see how they are despised by others: they are shameless, beyond the pale.
Their topics include moral gods and the origins of human cooperation, religious morality or moral religion: Kantian and pragmatist reflections, whether the Sermon on the Mount reflects Christian or universal ethics, whether Christians are better people: the contrast between "us" and "them" in early Christian rhetoric, and religion and moral choice: whether an innate moral sense accounts for religion's influence on moral choice.
THAT the collection of the taxes levied on citizens becomes an exceedingly difficult task in the absence of a moral sense of tax responsibility on the part of the taxpayers is well known.
Rather than being John Locke's tabula rasa, a "blank slate" upon which experience writes ideas and concepts, people are born with both common sense and the moral sense upon which popular sovereignty must be founded,
Islam aims at enhancing and amplifying that pure (innate) moral sense in every human being and adorn the individual's character with the noblest of virtues.
True, in a manner of speaking he locates morality 'in the mind', but he also argues that our moral sense is not self-constructed, but a fact of Nature.
This moral sense Dotts describes, quoting Jefferson, as "'a sense of duty .