moral principle

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the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group

the principle that conduct should be moral

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In contrast, "convention-dependent" norms exercise a much weaker influence; they exist not because they correspond to the interests of the powerful, but rather "because the moral principles underlying them are so compelling, or because they used to reflect great power interests but no longer do so with developments in technology, shifts in power among states, or other changes" (p.
School counselors can also look to moral principles or "shared beliefs or agreed-upon assumptions that guide the ethical reasoning of helping professionals" (Remley & Herlihy, 2001, p.
For at least the last fifty years, however, conservatives have followed Irving Babbitt in reclaiming the Lincoln who based his politics on universal moral principles but avoided demonizing his opponents or claiming supreme virtue for himself or his side.
We then review some of the items on the lists to see in more detail how they are elucidated by the underlying core criteria or moral principles.
And those moral principles for which so many suffered are daily dying before our eyes under the influence of this Government, media and self-centred culture.
The moral principles usually invoked in medical ethics - beneficence, autonomy, and justice - are not always appropriate to geriatric health care.
The moral principle he proposes is the Principle of Humanity, which says that one should rationally act so that humans, all humans, are not deprived of a decent length of life, bodily well-being, freedom and power, respect and self-respect, goods of relationship, and goods of culture.
Trying to figure out the rational boundaries of censorship and either accepting or rejecting it as a matter of moral principle has never been more agonizing.
They want a world of small, isolated communities, explaining that such a world would be less warlike (though this is unlikely without a global policing authority or a universal moral principle - attributes of the despised modern world).
FINALLY, WE MUST DECIDE WHETHER WE want to retain or reject the time-honored moral principle that the physician, qua physician, should not kill or assist in killing another person.
The scattered energy of Republicans can only be harnessed when there is an emotional, passionate attachment to a moral principle.
More generally, it is doubtful whether any moral principle account can do so.
The 91-year-old Dmytryk argues that Kazan, like himself, was indeed operating on moral principle when he told HUAC all that he knew.
Thus, according to the relativist, "a moral principle is properly formulated only when a `relativizing clause' is attached to it" (p.
This confrontation has been a long time brewing, and however much defenders of the modern regime want to portray this as a matter of Clinton-hating, a serious moral principle is writ large in the conflict.