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Synonyms for moppet

a young person between birth and puberty

Words related to moppet

a little girl (usually one you are fond of)

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Hollywood's honorary moppet currently appears with Chris Pratt in "Jurassic World," released June 12.
Charlotte Church @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Thursday) HAVING found international fame as a classical singing young moppet with a bowl-cut, the Voice of an Angel has grown up very publicly over the years, falling in and out of both love and night-club doorways on the pages of the tabloids, becoming a mum and reinventing herself as a credible indie star.
The most frightening reminder that time frantically flies is that Shirley Temple is 83 on Saturday, although for those who remember the bad old days, she's still the stomach-turning, curly-topped moppet who lisped lollipop lyrics that made the Depression even more depressing for the discriminating.
Directed by Greg Berlanti, Life as We Know It stars Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as battling Atlanta godparents tapped to raise adorable moppet Sophie (played by Clagett triplets Brooke, Brynn and Alexis) after her parents die in a car crash.
La virgen, a manera de moppet, ordena y condena, y la patria es un bebe que pasa de mano en mano sin que nadie quiera hacerse cargo.
So how did my little moppet become addicted to this all-singing all-dancing horror?
Shirley Temple, the pretty little moppet who charmed her way into the sentimental hearts of 1930s filmgoers was born to a comfortably-off family in Santa Monica, California, handy for the Hollywood studios.
When I married my husband, he had an adorable moppet of a little girl.
Wonk-toothed moppet Kirsten Dunst (always reliable, often great) plays Marie Antoinette, the Austrian princess who marries the French crown prince Louis (Jason Schwartzman) at the age of 14.
Some responses were genuine: Thom Mayne conscience-searching in front of 800 people, and a reminder of the refreshing clarity of former Architectural Review staffer Frances Anderton's brain, egged on by the showbiz awareness of her two-year-old moppet of a daughter.
There is Moppet, the cocker spaniel who comforted an awkward little girl; Della the bighearted Great Dane, who both doted on and defended her youthful mistress; Timber, the quarter-wolf hybrid who amazed everyone who saw her; Boo the Rottweiler, who unfortunately lived up to his breed's dangerous potential; the self-absorbed Miss Daisy, a cocker spaniel bought for the author's daughter; and lastly Ty1er, the all-loving, highly intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog who continues to share life with Pregosin and her family.
Ling (Peter Harris) takes the two-mile novices' hurdle from Nickle Moppet and Nepcote (Dina Smith) is too good for Sommelier in the long-distance version.
Looking for ways to reduce compressor downtime in the petrochemical and natural gas industries, Cook Manley of Stafford, TX, developed the patented field-repairable Moppet compressor valve, using PEEK polymer from Victrex, Greenville, SC, for the seal ring component.
Likewise, according to OED, moppet was both 'used as an endearing appellation for a baby, a girl, etc.
That little kid ought to be tucked up in bed," somebody whispered behind me as a moppet toddled onto the stage of The King and I and bowed obeisance to Lou Diamond Phillips, the King of Siam.