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Synonyms for moppet

a young person between birth and puberty

Words related to moppet

a little girl (usually one you are fond of)

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Members of the Staintondale and Goathland hunt picked up Moppet and left.
BIRKENHEAD Alabama Way; East Street; Shorebank, New Ferry Temporary 'Red Route' Restrictions WALLASEY: Bayswater Road; Kings Parade; Seabank Road; King Street; Brighton Street; Church Road; Birkenhead Road; Dock Road; BIRKENHEAD Tower Road, Canning Street, Bridge Street, Chester Street, Tower Wharf, Moppet Wharf, Egerton Wharf
When I married my husband, he had an adorable moppet of a little girl.
There's the corkscrew-haired moppet who played the title role in the 1991 John Hughes film Curly Sue.
Some responses were genuine: Thom Mayne conscience-searching in front of 800 people, and a reminder of the refreshing clarity of former Architectural Review staffer Frances Anderton's brain, egged on by the showbiz awareness of her two-year-old moppet of a daughter.
There is Moppet, the cocker spaniel who comforted an awkward little girl; Della the bighearted Great Dane, who both doted on and defended her youthful mistress; Timber, the quarter-wolf hybrid who amazed everyone who saw her; Boo the Rottweiler, who unfortunately lived up to his breed's dangerous potential; the self-absorbed Miss Daisy, a cocker spaniel bought for the author's daughter; and lastly Ty1er, the all-loving, highly intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog who continues to share life with Pregosin and her family.
Ling (Peter Harris) takes the two-mile novices' hurdle from Nickle Moppet and Nepcote (Dina Smith) is too good for Sommelier in the long-distance version.
Before deciding, you will probably take advice from friends who got their adorable moppet from Marks & Spencer or the neighbours who think that Sainsbury's does a nice line in sons.
Looking for ways to reduce compressor downtime in the petrochemical and natural gas industries, Cook Manley of Stafford, TX, developed the patented field-repairable Moppet compressor valve, using PEEK polymer from Victrex, Greenville, SC, for the seal ring component.
Each MOPPET valve is actually a series of individual radiused-disc valves encapsulated in modular cartridges.
In response to what sociologists might call the mushrooming moppet movement, a 1/2 -mile stretch of this north-south thoroughfare has sprouted a remarkably high concentration of stores for parents and children.
com is now owned by Mike and Mary Dirr, owners of Moppet Management, Louisville, Kentucky.
Wonk-toothed moppet Kirsten Dunst (always reliable, often great) plays Marie Antoinette, the Austrian princess who marries the French crown prince Louis (Jason Schwartzman) at the age of 14.
And what a great career they've architected for her, that she's able to really be a substantial actor in real roles, not just like the moppet kid, the cute little kid, you know?
With two guests who know about ridiculously inflated figures - Lucas Radebe, who was at Leeds in the Peter Ridsdale era, and top-heavy moppet Jennifer Ellison.