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a worker who uses a mop to clean a surface

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See Mopper & Cunningham, supra note 9, at 76-77.
In a departure from the usual 'vomit mopper to aisle two' and 'free case of Stella with every bag of peanuts' announcements, one Somerfield staff member took his chance on the PA system to make an unofficial declaration that a colleague was gay--possibly outing the fellow worker in the process.
Three varieties are available including Orange Blossom For Healthy Skin, which boasts beta carotene, magnesium, mopper, B vitamins and omega-3.
He wasn't afraid but he just got fear in him") or they stated that the reason was that Mirette was not capable of going on the high wire ("Because she didn't get any practice in the beginning, because she was just a mopper floorer and she cleaned and he really didn't want her to do it because she needs to practice before she does it," and "Because he thought he'd be embarrassed").
IS model-turned-floor mopper Naomi Campbell about to get a taste of her own medicine?