mope around

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Synonyms for mope around

move around slowly and aimlessly


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We've had vampire diaries, vampires being brought 'out of the coffin', vampires who sparkle and vampires who mope around feeling sorry for themselves.
It's totally understandable if you mope around a bit, but once you start feeling more comfortable, try to get on with your life--stay active
As I mope around at home it's easy to imagine that everyone else is having the time of their lives, partying hard into next year.
As much as people say you are part of the squad and are helping the cause, in your heart you feel like you haven't been, but you cannot mope around and feel sorry for yourself or it will rub off on others," The Sun quoted Anderson, as saying.
If we mope around it sends out totally the wrong signals.
Flintoff, man of the series during the 2005 success, is determined not to let that happen, stressing: "We've had a taste over three Test matches and the Ashes have gone now, but we've got to come back hard and we can't mope around.
As disappointed as we are we can't mope around and sit around thinking too much.
Stop trying and then mope around until his team trades him to a contender?
When you're out of favour it can be easy to mope around and when the chance comes you're not in any kind of shape to take advantage.
We're trying not to mope around because she didn't mope around - she soaked it all in and reflected it all back, and we're trying to honor that.
A cop and a hooker mope around to desultory effect in "Seafood," a DV-shot first feature by 33-year-old Mainland Chinese writer Zhu Wen that isn't going to swim any further than occasional fests.
As many wives of depressed men will tell you, depressed husbands don't just mope around ("Tough talk for depressed husbands," SN: 3/11/00, p.