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(of trees) having a bushy top without a leader

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She complained again, also mentioning that co-workers kept mop-headed dolls hanging from nooses in their offices.
Gooseberries can be grown as bushes, trained as cordons or mop-headed standards, or be grown in a barrel.
OF COURSE the naughty, droll and mop-headed Tory MP Boris Johnson must be London's next mayor.
And on that day, when the Big Brother V contestants entered the house, few people considered mop-headed transsexual Nadia a potential winner.
I'm sure when my little boy is older, he'll laugh his head off at his dad pictured as a mop-headed, flared-trousered, tank top-wearing ten-year-old on holiday at Butlins during the glorious summer of 1973.
The drama was meant to mark the triumphant return to TV of Emilio Aragon, the mop-headed emotionally unstable lead of late 1990s drama "Family Doctor," but the program didn't quite hit.
Huge mop-headed flowers in bright scarlet are perfect on the patio or in the border, take little time and are no trouble.
The mop-headed academy product cuts an unlikely figure as saviour but the fourth-generation Tiger's vision and guile has coaxed the best from his team-mates.
I'm through with mop-headed shoe-gazers warbling on about about how they love Sinead, but not like the other boys doooooo.
It's evergreen stablemate Sonny Somers who comes through under mop-headed young claimer John Francome to land the spoils at 7 to 1.
The great-nephew of the founder of Spain's Banco Central, mop-headed, heavy-jowled, Madrid-born Villalonga bears a passing resemblance to the young Orson Welles.