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Synonyms for moorland

open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather and bracken and moss


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The signboard was dark and indecipherable by now, and hung black against the sky and the gray moorland beyond, about as inviting as a gallows.
Within the hall all was gladness, but without on the lone moorland there stalked a grim monster, named Grendel, whose dark heart was filled with anger and hate.
The sun was not long up, and shone straight in our eyes; a little, thin mist went up from the face of the moorland like a smoke; so that (as Alan said) there might have been twenty squadron of dragoons there and we none the wiser.
All the time, too, he kept winding in and out in the lower parts of the moorland where we were the best concealed.
Ablewhite's house, and the other to a moorland village some two or three miles off.
The most trifling of the questions that she put to me, on the subject of using her pencil and mixing her colours; the slightest alterations of expression in the lovely eyes that looked into mine with such an earnest desire to learn all that I could teach, and to discover all that I could show, attracted more of my attention than the finest view we passed through, or the grandest changes of light and shade, as they flowed into each other over the waving moorland and the level beach.
Hedges, fields, and trees, hill and moorland, presented to the eye their ever-varying shades of deep rich green; scarce a leaf had fallen, scarce a sprinkle of yellow mingled with the hues of summer, warned you that autumn had begun.
night shepherds upon the moorlands, and they cried to
As my eyes wandered over the steep banks covered with young grass and green-leaved plants, and surmounted by budding hedges, I longed intensely for some familiar flower that might recall the woody dales or green hill-sides of home: the brown moorlands, of course, were out of the question.
Moorland Primary School is celebrating success in the Welsh Government's Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes (WNHSS) after being recognised with a National Quality Award.
A North Wales Conservative AM has expressed concern about the way the Welsh Government has handled the judicial review proceedings relating to the controversial Welsh Moorland line.
Fairness for the Uplands' Tony Davies, from the Elan Valley, Powys said: "Fairness for the Uplands is a group which has come together overnight in response to the unfairness it was felt upland farmers faced under the proposed method of defining the moorland region.
The spell of dry weather has led to an increased risk of moorland and forest fires.
CUMBRIAN sporting and conservation specialist Robert Benson has been elected as chairman of the Moorland Association.
IN "The inglorious twelfth" (ECHO letters, July 27), Andrew Tyler revealed his lack of knowledge of moorland management for grouse shooting.