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(nautical) a line that holds an object (especially a boat) in place


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The PMCs will be used to connect the semi-submersible platform to mooring lines at a water depth of 45m-143m.
A distribution system made up of custom mooring line components sends power and communications from the buoy at the surface all the way down to the anchor frame on the seafloor.
Specifically, the percent change in the stress on the three components analyzed (i.e., main line, mooring line and whip line) was determined as a difference from surface and submerged operating conditions and from changes in the direction of the oceanographic variables (parallel or perpendicular).
In this paper, to reveal the mechanism of snap tension in mooring line while transforming from taut to slack or from slack to taut, the continuous model is introduced and tanh method is used to resolve the nonlinear equations of taut-slack mooring line.
"During this approach, the mooring line did contact a power line on the approach but this caused no damage to the aircraft."
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 10, 2016-Deep Down awarded mooring line system order for undisclosed amount
He was lucky as he managed to hold on to the mooring line in the cold water for almost ten minutes."
The guideline reinforces how mooring integrity management through effective monitoring and data management can provide information to help detect mooring line failure and assist with validation of mooring design strength and fatigue analyses.
An anchor on the seafloor to a floating vessel or platform connects a mooring line. In other words, offshore mooring systems are very essential for subsea production facilities.
A BOAT had to be towed to safety by lifeboat crews after it broke its mooring line in Rhyl yesterday.
Compared with the conventional mooring system, the new scheme adds active mooring line release control to improve the positioning accuracy and uses four threes-procket windlasses instead of twelve single-sprocket windlasses to control twelve mooring lines release based on mooring line switching.
1) for the coupled dynamic analysis includes the formulation of a nonlinear stiffness matrix allowing for mooring line tension fluctuations subjected to variable buoyancy as well as structural and environmental nonlinearities.
She endured the worst storms Cyprus had seen in years, keeping her cool when the mooring line connected to the wreck she was diving in snapped, a spokesman for the family said.
The mooring line numbers are clarified in Table 1 [1, 10].
After an investigation the vessel was locked, and the mooring line was still in the water.