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Synonyms for mooring

a place where a craft can be made fast

(nautical) a line that holds an object (especially a boat) in place


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He also stressed that allocating mooring fields for private boaters will not be at the same harbors where fishermens ships and boats operate, but adjacent to them.
One of the challenges that has emerged from these failings is the need to monitor mooring system integrity reliably for the life of the facility without the need for costly inspection or maintenance of subsea sensors.
The companies in North America and Europe dominate the global offshore mooring systems market majorly.
The structural mass of the spar-mooring system is made up of elemental consistent mass matrices of the moorings and lumped mass properties of the rigid spar hull.
Quay walls strength decreasing is mainly linked with long exploitation time of the quay wall (50-70 years), accidents with ships during mooring, loading, unmooring operations or substandard situations, such as hydrodynamic influence of a moving ship depends or wind pulsation or waves acting on the ship and big additional inertia forces of the ship.
My final mooring, with the shore crew from Sunsail watching intently, was a work of art - if I do say so myself.
We have a mixture of residential moorings and some who want it as a place to stay during the week while they go to work,' he said.
Technicians "talk" with the acoustic release near the anchor with a transducer - a microphone for communicating through the water column - and tell it to free the mooring from the anchor.
Deep Sea Mooring, which has already successfully installed the pre-lay system, will supply mooring and pre-lay equipment; offshore personnel; mobilization and demobilization services; and operational planning for the Safe Zephyrus accommodation vessel in one of the worlds harshest offshore environments 175 km offshore Norway.
The same is being done by most other people with moorings once they are aware of the situation.
a leading manufacturer of fenders and mooring buoys, released the following set of guidelines in which boaters can achieve a proper mooring technique.
The buoy carries the meteorological sensors, and the mooring line beneath it carries the oceanographic instrumentation.
A subsea mooring specialist, First Subsea, has won a contract from Shell Offshore to supply Ballgrab subsea mooring line connectors for the Appomattox development.
Duane Mooring grew up on rock 'n' roll, likes to sing country music at karaoke bars and listen to Mexican ranchero music when he's driving.
The origins of present-day mooring technology go back 35 years.