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Synonyms for moony

given to daydreams or reverie

Synonyms for moony

lighted by moonlight


dreamy in mood or nature

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Unicharm first entered the market with its affordable MamyPoko diapers instead of its higher-end Moony brand and used supermarkets and other conventional venues as sales channels until it noticed that consumers were looking to e-commerce channels to find higher quality diapers not available in Chinese stores.
Sometimes we even go public with our moony proclamations on social media.
Fashion Climbing seems to have been written not long after that era, to judge by its language, which is reminiscent of Archie comic books and moony teenagers sharing a malted milkshake in 1957.
The ex-con sets about tracking down the people he hurt, like Trife's girlfriend Alisa (Red Madrell) and the dead boy's pal Moony (Femi Oyeniran).
A British Political Agent, Major Cobb, who was fond of playing polo under a full moon, had the polo ground near Shandur, named 'Moony Polo Ground'.
The source of stability for the team is the longpoles and defensive unit, and junior goalie Sal Perez-Garfias is gaining confidence and consistency every day." Moony also said the midfield lines include several multisport varsity athletes, who already have the raw athleticism, and are developing the precision and finesse of fine-tuning their stick skills and dodging abilities.
Case Studies on 'MamyPoko / Moony' by Yoshihiro Miyabayashi, Chairman of PT Uni-Charm Indonesia and 'SleekBaby' Lany Cucu, General Manager Marketing Communication General of PT.
Yellow is for sunny and purple is for moony. 
According to details Ayaz allegedly took hefty moony from each player of the 15-member team for the ten day tour using his own travel agency to plan the trip.
The senti spell was momentarily broken when the audience couldn't help giggling at Cole blowing on a kazoo for the 'Jinx' intro, but eventually resumed as people got caught up in the song's moony optimism.
However, in the review period, Pampers saw strong competition from Japanese brands, such as Merries, Moony and Goon.
around itself" "tugging at the sea from under," while the sea in turn washes against the land "in shallows, at its edges" to form "sea-weeded ledges / where weeds hang to the simple blue from green." The "countries" that are the result, emblems of volition and action, are the home of "cities," whose names the "printer" scatters here and there, sometimes "out to sea," sometimes "across the neighboring mountains." Like "the printer" and the "moony" "Eskimo" "map-maker," metaphorically, these "countries" are conscious and agentive.
"There is a tectonic shift in the gin category away from the lower-priced, traditional brands toward premium brands--some craft brands in particular," comments Thomas Moony, CEO of House Spirits Distillery and president of the Craft Spirits Association.
After arriving in Paris, Summer meets two boys, one nicknamed "Moony," who is recovering from a horrific auto accident, and Kurt, who is a self-proclaimed "bad boy."
He was fond of the sport himself and named the ground in Shandur the Moony Polo Ground'.