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Synonyms for moonstruck

Synonyms for moonstruck

insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon


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Cher went on to a successful singing and acting career and won an Oscar for 1987 film Moonstruck.
Moonstruck is one such variety that produces huge, pompom-like flower balls.
Moonstruck is my all-time favorite because it's about NYC.
Those familiar with John Patrick Shanley's work [Doubt, Moonstruck) will expect a deft blend of comedy and drama.
Ballyhoura is a fast-paced dance number while Abyss, as the name suggests, is darker, a swirling moonstruck drone that explodes into the light around the two-minute mark.
This tour shuttles romantic comedy lovers to locations seen in films ranging from such classics as "Breakfast at Tiffany's" to more contemporary titles like "Friends With Benefits," as well as "You've Got Mail" and "Moonstruck." Guides are actors or comedians who regale tourgoers with trivia questions from the films involved.
Chapter Four, Moonstruck shows a sequence of black and white shadowed images of the changing moon phases, with further illumination shown in a complete orbit of the Moon around the Earth.
Over the following days, she made more requests for images of the Oscar-winning actor, from movies such as Moonstruck and 8mm , and the hotel continued to meet the demands.
Chefs do too, feeding their obsession, moonstruck by an "it ingredient." Until the next one comes along.
"Cosmo Castorini (from the movie Moonstruck) had it right: 'There are three kinds of pipe.
But for real "soul,'' over-acted to the nth degree, I have to go with Cage in "Moonstruck'' and "Peggy Sue Got Married.'' Say what you will about his accents, he managed to provoke (and that's probably the most appropriate word) the best out of Cher and Kathleen Turner.
Thursday's episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker" titled "The Technical Brain and Moonstruck" did not end well for Emil Chynn, who came on the show to find love.
Talking about their 1980s fling, the 67-year-old Moonstruck Oscar-winner said: "Awww.
VALENTINE'S Day lovers will be left Moonstruck at a charity event where the award-winning mezzo soprano Sioned Terry will be performing, plus there's a screening of romantic Hollywood blockbuster Moonstruck starring Nicholas Cage and Cher.
Women will stay warm and dry in the streamlined Moonstruck Parka ($269.95).