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Synonyms for moonshine

Synonyms for moonshine

whiskey illegally distilled from a corn mash

distill (alcohol) illegally

References in classic literature ?
Well, moonshine is a brighter thing than fog," said Holmes, laughing.
If we could sail to it in the moonshine boat Paul wrote of in his old composition -- you remember?
In any other man I would say it was all moonshine, but the fellow has made good once, and who knows but he may again
Between the two an open glade stretched, silvered in the moonshine, with the river curving across the lower end of it.
I wouldn't be a bit afraid, and it would be lovely to sleep in a wild cherry-tree all white with bloom in the moonshine, don't you think?
That is Bartholomew's window up there where the moonshine strikes.
He is like moonshine in a winter night when a man freezes to death on some lonely mountain top.
They danced hand in hand beside the calm lake in the clear moonshine.
I will only act Moonshine, and peep harmless into the bed where faith and beauty and innocence lie dreaming.
I cherished hope, it is true, but it vanished when I beheld my person reflected in water or my shadow in the moonshine, even as that frail image and that inconstant shade.
He meant it was moonshine, but we adopted the name and went on looking for it.
Bleeding Heart Yard had been harrowed by Mr Pancks, and cropped by Mr Casby, at the regular seasons; Mr Pancks had taken all the drudgery and all the dirt of the business as his share; Mr Casby had taken all the profits, all the ethereal vapour, and all the moonshine, as his share; and, in the form of words which that benevolent beamer generally employed on Saturday evenings, when he twirled his fat thumbs after striking the week's balance, 'everything had been satisfactory to all parties--all parties--satisfactory, sir, to all parties.
Madness and moonshine,' is then the compressed verdict of the Genius.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- American Born Moonshine celebrated its two-year anniversary with a nod to the past and a push to the future.
And today a British insider reveals how elite Saudis can easily source cannabis, strong moonshine and even prostitutes through social networking apps.