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plant of the family Menispermaceae having red or black fruit with crescent- or ring-shaped seeds

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Li, "Effects of Dauricine concentration in asiatic moonseed by different extraction solvents and methods," Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol.
Into the Mist is the third and final book in her award-winning Moonseed trilogy.
But that's the dark side of the moonseed. On the sunny sides of forests and streams throughout its range, the plant provides an important--and safe--food source for many birds, including cedar waxwings, towhees, robins and thrashers.
Cocculus carolinus (L.) DC., Red-berried moonseed, snailseed (C, RR).
He has a number of critically acclaimed novels behind him including Evolution, Deep Future and Moonseed. But together, have they produced a sci-fi masterpiece?
Aconite, Allspice, Black Snakeroot, Bloodroot, Blue Cohosh, Boxwood, Celandine, Common Poppy, Crotalaria, Crow Poison, Death Camas, Dicentra, False Hellebore, False Jessamine, Fume wort, Hellebore, Hemp, Horse Nettle, Indian Hemp, Indian poke, Jimson weed, Larkspur, Lobelia, Lupines, Marijuana, Monkshood, Moonseed, Night shade, Pink Death, Camas Poison, Darnel, Poison Hemlock, Poison rye grass, Rattleweed, Rock Poppy, Spider Lily, Spotted cowbane, Spotted Water Hemlock, Stagger grass, Staggerweed, Sweet Shrub, Thorn Apple, Varebells, Wild Parsnip, Wolfs-bane, Yellow Jessamine.
MENISPERMACEAE (Moonseed Family) Menispermum canadense L.--CW, SW; MWL; Common; C = 3; BSUH 19670.
Menispermum canadense L.; Common moonseed; Woodlands; Common; C = 3; BSUH 17806.
(#) Menispermum canadense L.; Common Moonseed; Floodplain woods; Infrequent; C = 3; BSUH 17443, 17461.
Menispermum canadense L.; Common Moonseed; C = 3; BSUH 16513; 16417.
Menispermum eanadense L.: common moonseed. Infrequent in wood edges and openings; 191; C = 3.