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Synonyms for moonlit

lighted by moonlight



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In a little moonlit glade ahead of him the great ape was bending over the prostrate form of the woman Tarzan sought.
Carthoris, too, followed the same direction, nor was it long before his heart was gladdened by the sight of the moonlit exit from the long, dark passage.
He stretched himself and yawned, cast one more glance across the moonlit plain, and then stood suddenly still, stiffened into an attitude of breathless interest.
They sat together on low chairs upon the moonlit lawn, in their ears the murmur of the sea; upon their faces, gathering strength with the darkness, the night wind, salt and fragrant with all the sweetness of dying flowers.
He passed out of the forest and into the moonlit open where were no shadows nor darknesses.
Dead to the outer world, as if she lay already in her grave--insensible to touch, insensible to sound, motionless as stone, cold as stone--Clara stands on the moonlit lawn, facing the seaward view.
Thus equipped, Pollyanna in high glee pattered to the moonlit window again, raised the sash, stuffed her burden through to the roof below, then let herself down after it, closing the window carefully behind her--Pollyanna had not forgotten those flies with the marvellous feet that carried things.
'Rixo regrets that a dispute arose between Rixo and Feanne in relation to Feanne's Designs and Rixo's 'Moonlit Sky' and 'Oriental' prints.
A moonlit walk Hand in Hand we walked along the beach The sun dropping below the horizon It's red glow fading into the distance Replaced by moonlight Moonbeams now dancing along the incoming tide I turned to look into her eyes Catching the moonlight Like Emeralds sparkling with that look of love Warm and inviting looking back at me A kiss as she folded into my arms Lovers alone on the beach Lost in each others thoughts Clouds sailed across the sky Like ships in the night Obscuring the moon Gone the moonbeams Lost that special moment Time to leave, as the tide reclaims the beach.
AN ENCHANTING free light festival is set to take place in Liverpool as part of the Sgt Pepper at 50 festival - and you can enjoy a moonlit picnic while watching it.
FAIRYHOUSE was probably not the place Charlie Fellowes expected to enjoy his first stakes success but the home of the Irish Grand National proved the perfect stage for Moonlit Show to dazzle as she landed the Listed Blenheim Stakes in the manner of a rapidlyimproving filly.
Doug Varone and Dancers will bring the joyous, moonlit Lux, and Twyla Tharp Dance a mix of pieces from its own 50th-anniversary tour.
Just along the coast, the elegant town of Menton hosts its unique Lemon Festival where we see the Moonlit Parade, an illuminating event which is a celebration of the sun with everyone dancing in the moonlight.
Edmond: The Moonlit Party is a children's picturebook about learning to step outside one's house and befriend others.
Just along coast, the elegant town of Menton hosts unique Lemon Festival where we see the Moonlit Parade, an illuminating event which is celebration of the sun with everyone dancing the moonlight.