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She scolds Mooncalf for failing to enlarge her chair to accommodate her hips: 'Did I not bid you should get this chair let out o'the sides for me, that my hips might play?' (66-8).
But upon hearing her cries, Joan Trash, Mooncalf, Knockem, Nightingale, Edgeworth, and even Justice Overdo rush immediately to Ursula's aid.
In 2.2-2.5, Ursula and Mooncalf make frequent entrances from and exits into the pig booth.
In the middle of 2.2, while Ursula is giving instructions to Mooncalf in front of her booth, Justice Overdo approaches, observing that "This is the very wombe, and bedde of enormitie!
Edgworth willingly agrees and orders Mooncalf to "fetch some Ale, and Tabacco" (D3v; 2.4.1-2).
Knockem and Mooncalf carry the injured Ursula in her chair into her booth.
To them, Beethoven's sort of democratic nobility is a mooncalf fantasy that would exalt the presumptuous, resentful, and uncouth.
Finally, identifying Trinculo, Stephano pulls his friend by his legs out from under Caliban's cloak, asking him in the process how he came "to be the siege [excrement] of this mooncalf" (II.ii.106-7).
He scoffed at "mooncalf idealisms" that envision humans as altruistic.
The surprise is not that such unmemorable titles as Janet March (1923), Runaway, This Mad Ideal (both 1925), and Diana Stair (1932) were unsuccessful but that his first, MoonCalf (1920), was such a hit.
During this period Dell began to write plays, and with the publication of his novels <IR> MOONCALF </IR> (1920), its sequel The Briary-Bush (1921), Janet March (1923), and others, became known as a spokesman for the jazz age and life and love in Greenwich Village.
More than just a detached observer, Justice Overdo also actively collaborates with city dwellers like Mooncalf in his search for legal proof, as when he slips into thieves' cant to ask the cunning boy whether Knockem is 'a knight of the knife' (2.3.22-3).
Jonson once more floods the space with fairgoers in this scene: eleven named characters are onstage, and Busy's party of four has also joined Mooncalf, Knockem, Whit, and Ursula in the latter's 'pig-box' for a clandestine feast (3.2.117).