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having a round face


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Besides moon-faced girls, the show also includes still life, work on men musicians and human figure, which has not been displayed before.
BEST STAND-UP Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh (Channel Four, Friday 10pm) * THE porcelain-looking, moon-faced dandy never seems to be off our goggle boxes these days.
The musician's face conforms to the ideal of moon-faced beauty, reflecting the features of the Central Asian Turks who dominated the eastern part of the Islamic world after the Seljuk invasion in the late 11th century.
Kelly OsbOurne Svelte, chic and pretty, Kelly today looks completely different from the moon-faced documentary.
Image: Moon-faced character actor Best known for: The Three Musketeers Early life: Born in Canada to American parents, but moved back to America when he was three months old.
In a remake of the highly-regarded Danish drama Br[degrees]dre, the moon-faced actor attempts to escape Spidey's shadow in what's meant to be an emotionally-wrenching family drama.
Garland's moon-faced figures radiate infectious enthusiasm.
The poetry and prose in My Moments of Hope isn't like many self-published chapbooks that contain pretentious spiels on the environment or diatribes of moon-faced remarks about unrequited love.
MOON-faced man-child Ray Quinn claims that because he won Dancing On Ice, he will soon have a Stateside career.
Well, moon-faced funnyman Jimmy Carr is no slouch when it comes to topical comedy, but as he's the question master, he doesn't get a chance to prove just how smart he is.
The self-styled, moon-faced comic appears smug and yet so self-assured, just like that other TV presenter Angus Deayton.
Matilde is helping lovely young moon-faced Linda (Elisa Vicedo) study for her first communion.
Schultz died aged 75 last year and an estimated 355 million people in 75 counties were reading the cartoon strip syndicated to 2,600 papers featuring Charlie Brown, the moon-faced kid, his dog Snoopy and friends.
The clarity of focus of Bowes' most arresting image--a moon-faced, nearly life-sized female figure in a capuchin gliding through a Venetian piazza--balanced the tumbling blur of light, air, and color that overwhelmed some of the other works.
Or the moon-faced, outsideland-hogging simpleton in an SUV who kept edging forward to prevent me pulling out to pass roadworks that were blocking the inside lane.