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Synonyms for moon-faced

having a round face


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Besides moon-faced girls, the show also includes still life, work on men musicians and human figure, which has not been displayed before.
WITH a final flurry of life-sapping cliches The X Factor's worst-ever series fizzled out as moon-faced moaner J.
BEST STAND-UP Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh (Channel Four, Friday 10pm) * THE porcelain-looking, moon-faced dandy never seems to be off our goggle boxes these days.
The musician's face conforms to the ideal of moon-faced beauty, reflecting the features of the Central Asian Turks who dominated the eastern part of the Islamic world after the Seljuk invasion in the late 11th century.
Kelly OsbOurne Svelte, chic and pretty, Kelly today looks completely different from the moon-faced documentary.
Image: Moon-faced character actor Best known for: The Three Musketeers Early life: Born in Canada to American parents, but moved back to America when he was three months old.
Look at the moon-faced grin of the alleged shooter as he appeared in court for arraignment Monday.
It'd look too hard with his smooth, young-boy, glossy skin and make him look moon-faced.
Once, when Yumiko was helped by a cheery moon-faced girl named Masako from provincial Niigata, the two young women served dinner in starched white uniforms.
Singing on the tiny stage was the skinny moon-faced waitress from Ohio.
MOON-faced man-child Ray Quinn claims that because he won Dancing On Ice, he will soon have a Stateside career.
Well, moon-faced funnyman Jimmy Carr is no slouch when it comes to topical comedy, but as he's the question master, he doesn't get a chance to prove just how smart he is.
Dressed in a blue robe, the moon-faced falconer has one hand on the reins and the other carrying the falcon.
The self-styled, moon-faced comic appears smug and yet so self-assured, just like that other TV presenter Angus Deayton.
What we didn't expect to find was a 306-pound (though she's recently dieted down to 290), moon-faced woman who does short, deadpan, lo-res videos with names such as "Confessions of a Fat Ass" and "Crotchless Panties" (that's about the day her boyfriend's dog chewed up the laundry) and who gets fan mail from around the world.