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having temperamental and changeable moods

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If you continue to struggle with moodiness, cynicism, or other potentially harmful states and traits, consider seeking professional counseling," he says.
therefore vulnerable, given to moodiness if she were not stroked and
If we experienced bouts of depression, moodiness and withdrawal from society, the chances are we won't change as we get older.
On "I Remember You," Eilen Jewel infuses her delicate lyrics with a smoky moodiness.
According to Jane Ussher from the University of Western Sydney, who has carefully honed her argument after years of inciting female colleagues to anger by "denying their experience", couples therapy is a potential treatment for severe cases of premenstrual moodiness.
3: deepening depression, disturbed mental processes, confusion, moodiness, withdrawal
THE VERDICT The latest Twilight movie is packed with over-thetop moodiness, extra snarling and heightened romance.
The Girls Guide to Growing Up" uses simple language and photos and illustrations (black and white) to cover basic information about changes in body hair, breasts, periods, moodiness, and also gives clear instructions about privacy, safety, and appropriate social interactions and behavior, as well as suggestions for concrete problem solving around delicate topics such as what to do when your period comes unexpectedly and you have no pads or supplies.
Fifteen-year-old Aristotle "Ari" Mendoza prefers his own moodiness to the company of others.
Miller-a story about a gold prospector who falls perilously in love with a whorehouse madam-perfect, but Cohen's plaintive baritone also provides the appropriate moodiness to this wintry film.
He may potentially harm other individuals brought about by his moodiness, irritability and the outburst of his anger.
Monday's gig should be equally attentive to introspective moodiness and exuberant momentum.
The book is done in a European style that falls somewhere between Tintin's clear line and the comic-dynamic style of Asterix, allowing action scenes to move fluidly and landscapes to reflect a resonant moodiness.
Gavin Henson, no doubt itching to abandon this project and get back on the rugby field, is the obvious alternative at 4-1, although his frozen facial expression could just pass for moodiness in the paso doble.
IT'S a stunning scenic shot which captures every moodiness of the moors.