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record or memorialize lastingly with a monument

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Thus, Laura becomes the means through which Petrarch monumentalizes himself only when he sees fit.
To monumentalize the city, their lives had to be totally upended by clearing many of them out to the periphery.
The problem with this transformation is that the monument he has in mind bears little resemblance to the cultural practices of those he wants to monumentalize; the form he has chosen to express their "hopes and ambitions" unfolds itself in a rhythm untrue to the way their hopes and ambitions attempt to access the future.
Seris explains in a great amount of detail the extent to which Poliziano's poetry operates as a means to monumentalize the lives and deeds of princes.
They both recognized that, although the act of witnessing for their faith to the point of death authenticates the Christian martyrs, only because the writers monumentalize these acts are they remembered--it is Eusebius and Foxe who give the martyrs their proper hearing by producing the martyrology: the ultimate testimony.
The very process of liberation in which the statues in which Bolshevism had attempted to monumentalize itself are toppled, has, temporarily at least, unhinged the collective memory.
These scholarly undertakings aim toward a critical comprehensiveness that easily dwarfs the more modest pretensions of comparable nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century efforts to monumentalize canonical fi gures (such as the older, "standard" editions of the same composers).
The criticism that hopes to tame Joyce's texts often reads like so many diaries that monumentalize certain readings, insights, or ego-bolstering "solutions" to the textual riddles Joyce purportedly poses.
Lucier plays with the speed of what we see, slowing the video tape to isolate and monumentalize expressions to expose feelings.
More generally, one wonders whether Page is being fair to musicology: the publications to which he draws attention form such an odd and unrepresentative mixture, and exclude so much that has profoundly shaped our image of medieval musical culture, that the 'principal claim' which they are meant to corroborate begins to look increasingly forced: 'scholarship, musicology included, has long shown a tendency to homogenize and to monumentalize the "medieval period"' (p.
Mansilla's uneasiness with his past leads to an odd rhetorical strategy in which he is at once self-obsessed and self deprecating, Nothing," Molloy notes, "is further from Mansilla's mind than the desire to monumentalize the 'I' or to endow it with a representative role -- teacher, curator, prophet -- for posterity" (183).
While no librarian has suggested that we monumentalize ourselves with microcomputer workstations rather than marble corridors, humanists' definitions of information and the workstations to manage it would challenge most library capabilities.
Evincing a profound nostalgia for heavy industry and hard work over half a century of American history, Plowden's b&w photos monumentalize scenes in steel mills, onboard ships, of bridges, at ports, and in the rural landscape, where the subjects include fields, weather, and magnificent barns and grain elevators.
How right is it to monumentalize mere humans, even prominent patrons?
Thus, in a gesture that implies an attempt to resist his own monumentalization (even if it may only reinforce it) and that dismisses the stated aims of the volume (a presentation of method), de Man concludes the essay by warning against the tendency "to monumentalize this observation into a method of reading" (69).