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a gambling card game of Spanish origin

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The province of Banda Oriental, if well stocked, would support an astonishing number of animals, at present the annual export of hides from Monte Video amounts to three hundred thousand; and the home consumption, from waste, is very considerable.
I set out on my return in a direct line for Monte Video.
EIGHTEEN YEARS AFTER REVOLUTIONIZING THE FRESH PINEAPPLE CATEGORY WITH THE INTRODUCTION OF the Del Monte Gold[R] Extra Sweet pineapple, Del Monte is ready to do the same in the refrigerated juice category.
Del Monte Arabia launches FRUIT EXPLOSION, a fun and interactive Facebook game, on 17 [sup.
of Washington is the winner of the Del Monte "Add Some Garden" contest.
Singapore-listed food group Del Monte Pacific is facing a $100 million lawsuit in the U.
Brazilian superstar Marisa Monte decided to take a couple of years off after the birth her son, Mano.
For proof look no further than Monte Moses, the superintendent of Cherry Creek Schools in Greenwood Village, Colo.
11, executives of the global reinsurance industry will gather in Monte Carlo for their annual sojourn in the sun.
At Vista del Monte Retirement Community in Santa Barbara, California, however, physical fitness is more than just another way to profitably kill time during the day--it's the cornerstone of a way of life.
Technology that facilitates this transformation is available today in the form of Monte Carlo simulation software.
At first glance, everything about Monte Dinero seems anachronistic in the modern world of urban living and always-in-touch Internet connections.
Monte and Sally were married in 1974 and divorced in 1985.
When Nijinsky performed Fokine's Le Spectre de la Rose in April 1911 at Monte Carlo's opulent Garnier opera house, he overwhelmed the audience with his dazzling technique and distinctive theatricality.
In this well researched and lucidly written study of the Florentine monte di pieta, she focuses particularly on the political context of this charitable institution: its origins in the Savonarolan years, and its shifting relations with the different regimes that governed Florence from 1494 to the establishment of Duke Cosimo's rule in 1537.